Christine Andrew founded Hello Fashion in December 2011 as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways. Christine was born in South America, but she's lived in all corners of the United States- from Montana to Washington DC. Christine discovered her love of fashion at a young age. With a strong appreciation towards all aesthetics, she's created a style that's entirely her own- pairing classic and edgy, feminine and masculine, and always adding a fashionable dose of global influence as a nod to her Latin roots. Hello Fashion allows Christine to communicate directly with "the everyday woman" and offer style inspiration and advice along the way. 

With a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Business, Christine began her professional career in sales. There, she met her husband (and love of her life) Cody. Christine and her husband now reside in Utah where she's a proud stepmom to Wes and Mara, obsessed with her puppy Mio, and in exciting news- expecting the first child of her own due in March. 

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