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The kids’ favorite part of the boxes were these jackets! They give you a sheet of patches and pins and they got to design their own jacket. Mara and Wes are super artsy and their favorite thing to do is craft so they were so excited to make them!

kids patched jacket

Beckam on the other hand kept trying to stick them to his leg lol.

rockets of awesome patched jackets

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patched metallic bomber

How cute are these? The icecream pin was my favorite!

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I love shopping for the kids, but are there any other moms that dread taking all their kids to the mall together?  If I have just one (especially if it’s Mara cause she’s a little shopper 🙂 I’m good – it’s fun to pick out pieces together – but when it’s all three I bring a bag full of snacks for bribery and electronics to try to distract them so they last longer than 20 minutes lol. It’s not long before they are all running around or melting down asking “Can we go yet?”. If you’ve figured out the secret to shopping with kids let me know! 😉

Needless to say pretty much 90% of my shopping for the kids I do online. It seems like every store has their specific strengths – one is my go-to for kids denim, another I can always count on for great t-shirts – but I always end up having to place multiple orders all over. My friend told me about Rockets of Awesome: a kid’s clothing subscription box. We tried it out for the first time and I love it! The subscription is sent out 4 times a year with 8-12 pieces (all the pieces average around $20) that are a good core wardrobe starter for each season. It’s a great starter so you can just fill in with a pair of shoes of coat or those last few items you need for the season.

Mara’s box was a home run. Every piece she got she loved and was so excited to hang in her closet! (We’ve started a star chart on how many days they can keep their closet clean because somehow their room is always a disaster with clothes so she is so good about staying organized now!) About half of the stuff we got for Wes worked –  a couple things were too small so we are exchanging for a few other pieces we are picking out together.  He LOVED the athletic shorts and shirts. They are super soft and feel like the dri-fit material. He wore the shirt two days in a row. 🙂

The kids are so excited to see what their next box holds. You can fill out a quiz about your kids’ style online to make sure they nail his/her taste. For those pieces that didn’t work out, it was super easy to exchange and send back. It’s a free service(with free shipping and returns, no styling fee, and they include a label in the box so there’s no hassle and you just pay for the pieces you keep. You’ll have to let me know what you guys think!

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Rockets of Awesome.


Breast Cancer Awareness

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CFDA X SHOPSTYLE Breast Cancer Awareness

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Obsessed with the fluffy heart on this jacket!


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Today I am honored to be partnering with Popsugar, CDFA, and one of my favorite designers Marissa Webb in honor of breast cancer awareness month. This post is not sponsored and is fully about helping spread awareness and supporting women around the world who have been affected by breast cancer or have friends and family who have been affected by the disease.

Eleven years ago my sweet grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. You’ve heard me talk about her on the blog (she’s the one who gives the great foot rubs ;). I remember everything about that time as clear as day – it was a very scary time for her and everyone in our family. I’m so thankful for technology and amazing doctors who were able to get her in remission. I found out last night my great grandma had breast cancer as well which I didn’t know. I think it’s so important we are all proactive getting mammograms and self checks (know your boobies ;). I believe there is so much strength in supporting each other, and whether its time, financial contributions, or being there for those you know fighting cancer, every bit helps!

This week I am teaming up with Marissa Webb sharing today’s look and donating 100% of my affiliate earnings for the week to the CFDA‘s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer foundation. I’m obsessed with this pinstripe wrap skirt! I also just ordered this gingham cami, I love the pattern mixture on the peplum. I know some of you have been asking for budget buys this grey sweater is amazing and it’s under $100.

XX, Christine

*Promotion runs from October 17th-October 23rd. Sales in AL, HI, IL, MA, MS, SC and outside the U.S. do not qualify towards donations. Conducted in partnership with Popsugar Inc., and CFDA Foundation in support of the CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative. Popsugar will match participating Shopstyle Collective influencers’ donations dollar for dollar in excess of $5,000 up to a maximum of $5,000 for a total maximum Popsugar donation of $10,000. The value of the donation corresponding to any purchase is not tax deductible. 

Less Monday More Sunday

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Who else feels like LESS MONDAY MORE SUNDAY 😉

hello fashion fall style

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Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend. Cody and B went on a little father- son road-trip together this weekend! We have both were close to our parents growing up so we like to spend one on one time with the kids on our own. It was a good weekend for me to catch up on laundry and a million other things before we are off on our next trip later this week. For some reason it seems like the weekends you have the most to do are the ones you feel like doing anything else, am I right lol! Saturday morning I got an urge to go skydiving and literally hours later one of my best friends and I were jumping (or getting pushed 😉 out of the plane. It definitely gave me a rush that lasted through the weekend but of course all day Sunday I’m still playing catch up. (Well worth it!) So this “Less Monday More Sunday” sweatshirt  (and this short sleeve version) sums up my thoughts this week pretty well. I love Mondays and love waking up with that itch to get back to work, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t trade a few hours for a longer Sunday afternoon. 😉

I love the look of short hems with over-the-knee boots so while the seasons are still transitioning it’s the perfect excuse to procrastinate putting those shorts away for a few more weeks. Throw on a sweatshirt and leather jacket and it’s the perfect look for those warm/cold fall days!

Below are few more pieces to survive that unpredictable fall weather.

XX, Christine