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Hey guys quick post today sharing one of my favorite color combos, blush, black and nude. I saw this dusty pink bow blouse online and immediately fell in love. Here is a more budget friendly version under a $100. Hope you guys are having a great week! XX, Christine

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With both of us working multiple jobs and some overlap between, one thing Cody and I have learned is how to make the most of our time together. As far as work and planning, we always have weekly meetings to go over our goals, schedule, and plans for the upcoming week either at home or at a new spot we’ve found somewhere in the city. It seems like during that time it’s still hard to disconnect from our other jobs. We might both get 20 texts and a handful of phone calls over the course of our meeting, so 30 minutes might turn into 2 hours. We’ve made it a rule to set our phones aside so we are effective during that time. But sometimes there’s urgent things, and I am a freak about being away from B so I am always texting the babysitter checking to make sure he’s ok (ya I’m that crazy annoying mom! :)

Cody and I both recently got the Movado Bold Motion, Engineered by HP smartwatch which allows us to unplug for a little bit without going completely off-grid. With the smartwatch we can set our own priorities and alerts so we know when we are getting texts or calls from family, the babysitter or other work calls we are waiting on. It lights up so cool I always get kind of excited lol. It makes it so much easier to stay productive and make the most of our planning time together. I’ve always loved the look of a boyfriend watch and this one is sleek and easy to transform from a busy day to a date night. While disconnecting is very important to us, this smartwatch is definitely one of those fashion pieces that does double duty by helping you keep track of important updates so you can make the most of your 24 hours.

You can see more of this look on Cody’s Blog here.

XX, Christine

*Photos by JessaKae. In collaboration with Movado and HP.

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We landed around 4pm and by the time we got to our hotel it was just about sunset. The kids had so much energy from being cooped up in the plane we threw on our suits and went to the beach across from our hotel. The water was so warm and the sunset was perfect. The kids were just so excited to be in the water!

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We stayed at the Trump International Hotel Waikiki – it was right across the street from the beach, and a block away from the main shopping strip. It was a perfect central location.

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One of the things I loved about the hotel was that they had a full kitchen. Fridge, pots and pans, stove, dishes, the works. It’s really nice with kids to be able to have a few meals in your room. I swear the kids are all going through a growing spurt they are all always hungry!

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Lei Stand Hawaii

On Mara’s birthday we went to Aunty Bella’s Lei Stand, it’s the oldest Lei shop in Waikiki, only a couple minute walk from the hotel, and this sweet lady hand made us leis with Mara’s favorite color flower (purple). It takes about 20-30 minutes so just plan a little time but they are so pretty!

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Fresh squeezed orange juice is probably one of my favorite drinks of all time. It was really good at the Trump International Hotel Waikiki – sweet not sour and the waffles boats are so yummy! I had this two of the mornings for breakfast. They also have a really good buffet with a waffle toppings bar that looks like an ice cream sundae bar! The kids were in heaven they had sprinkles and chocolate on their waffles for breakfast :)


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We were all laughing so hard, cause B would just plant his face into the pina coladas. I think we literally had 5 pina coladas a day! Ok maybe not that many but seriously the hotel had some of the best ones we’ve ever had so we got at least a couple every day. They are Cody’s favorite drink and now I think Beckam’s become a pina colada lover like his Dad :)

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BLACK SWIMSUIT (under $50)

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Happy Monday guys! Excited to share some pics from our trip to Hawaii! Honestly it was one of my favorite trips we’ve done in awhile! The temperature was perfect, the water was so warm, we had such a blast. We’ve already talked about making it our annual family trip, none of us wanted to leave! Our time was so thrown off though since it’s a couple hours earlier in Hawaii then back home, so we were up by like 5am every morning and asleep by 9 or 10pm.

I ordered a couple new swimsuits for the trip. A lot of you asked about this pink one, and it’s under $50. I love the mesh on this strapless black one piece, and this one isn’t shown in these pics but I wore it a lot and it’s was one of my favorites.

We stayed at the Trump International Hotel Waikiki and it was so great with the kids. They give you shell lei necklaces when you arrive and stuffed animals for the kids. Mara is a stuffed animal fanatic so she was really excited. We split our time between the hotel and beach. Everyday they give you a beach bag (for free) with towels, bottled water, and fruit, so you have snacks for the family, and I know this is such a basic thing but the bottled water is free all through the hotel, in your room, by the pool, etc. I know it’s dumb but I always get so annoyed when I have to pay for water at hotels.

The infinity pool was my favorite part of the hotel. Every night when we got home from the beach we would go to the pool, order pina coladas, and watch the sunset from the pool. If you come on a weekend make sure and book a reservation at their outdoor restaurant for Friday night. They have fireworks on the beach every Friday at 7pm I think (I can’t remember the exact time) but you can watch from the terrace while you eat. It just happened to fall on Mara’s birthday so she thought she was getting her own firework show :)

The Pro Bowl was going on while we were there, so at night we would walk to the main street where everything was going on and roam around. They have tons of shops everything from Chanel to H&M. It’s all outdoor and really pretty. I picked out a new little yellow cross body for my birthday – excited to show you guys! This is also where the lei shop I talked about earlier is at. It’s just a couple blocks from the hotel :) We found a candy store the second to last night called Candy Bar Hawaii and it’s a must stop! The people were so nice and gave the kids a bunch of samples and they had pina colada cotton candy that was really good! You need to try it.



I was trying to have our travel diary/vlog video done today but I didn’t get it finished in time so I will be sharing that later this week along with a list of my favorite beaches on the island. So more to come!

Thanks so much for reading! XX, Christine