11 Easy Packing Tips You Need to Know



Packing for a trip can be a daunting task. In all honesty it’s probably my least favorite part of a trip. Between your clothes, makeup, toiletries, and hair products, even packing for a quick weekend trip can turn into a huge project! Throw a couple kids in the mix and you will definitely need a vacation after (as if you didn’t before 😉
With all our traveling this summer I’ve picked up a couple tips to making the packing (and unpacking) process a little easier.

  1. There’s nothing better than putting on a freshly cleaned clothes, but it’s not always an option when you are on the road. Keep your clothes feeling and smelling fresh by throwing a couple dryer sheets at the base of your luggage.
  2. Travel tight. Make the most of your space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. It saves a ton of room!
  3. Roll your underwear and socks and tuck them inside of shoes and hats for extra room.
  4. Keep your jewelry from getting tangled by stringing your necklaces through a straw. 
  5.  Buy your own travel-sized containers and fill with your favorite products. I love the Nexxus Emergencee shampoo and conditioner set for my hair so it’s a must when traveling. Enriched with Elastin Protein and Marine Collagen it has really helped my dry hair!  (Tip: Save by buying travel-size containers from a superstore or grocery store. I picked these up for a $1 they are five times more expensive at a department store)
  6. Some products I can’t transfer to travel sizes like my favorite frizz protectant spray (it’s a staple especially when I’m headed to humid climates and trying to curl my hair) so make sure and secure those inside a ziplock bag even if it has a lid. I had a lid pop off a hair product once a ruin a bunch of my clothes
  7. Leave a little extra room- Don’t fill your travel sized containersto the top. Leave a little room for air. When your 10,000 feet up the pressure expands and can cause your toiletries to explode if they are over filled.
  8. Take extra precaution to keep your liquids from leaking by sticking a piece of saran wrap between the lid and bottle. The change in altitude while traveling can wreak some serious havoc on your liquids. I also stick them in a plastic zip lock bag after to be extra safe.  
  9. Protect your powders (eye-shadows, blush, bronzers, etc.) from a rough ride by packing a cotton pad in the palette before closing and packing away. Always pack your beauty products in the middle of your suitcase for the most cushion.
  10. Store your bobby pins in an empty Tic –Tac container so they aren’t floating all over your makeup bag or purse.
  11. Keep all your travel cosmetic staples in a prepackaged bag so anytime your traveling you have your favorite items ready to go  to save a few minutes on packing.

 Happy travels!


* Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever. 

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  1. Shae

    Love your dress and great tips. Travel size containers are essential, especially when you’re carrying everything on. I get mine for $1 at Target.

    Shae @ Current Habits

  2. Kate

    Love all of your suggestions! The saran wrap and dryer sheets are 2 that I will definitely be putting to use very soon!


    We had such a fun weekend, come take a peak!

  3. Samantha Topham

    I hate packing so so much. Definitely my least favorite part of the trip. Investing in good luggage and travel size bags is so key for me. Good tip with the dryer sheets, that’s a smart idea.


    1. Toni

      I also use Marie Kondo’s folding method and use packing cubes and folders. This keeps TSA’s overused gloves off my clothes and makes it easy to see what is in there without completely jumbling my clothes. One more tip; place a copy of your itinerary with your cell number added to it in every checked bag and carry on. There is usually a mesh pocket in the divider in most bags that will allow this document to be visible in case your luggage disappears.

  4. Aubrey Kinch

    Great tips, Christine!
    I’ve been doing the saran wrap but I never thought of dryer sheets- total win!


  5. Ash

    That necklace idea with the straws is brilliant! When I pack my necklaces, I have been lucky that they haven’t tangled but there is that one time when it will happen.. Great post!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. Kristina

    So many great tips I have never heard of before. I will definitely try to store my bobby pins in a Tic Tac container and buy dryer sheets.
    I am going to travel a lot in the next two months so thank you for sharing!!
    xo Kristina

  7. Emily

    these are great tips!! That necklace through the straw one is genius…what a smart idea! thanks for sharing!!

  8. Ann

    I rarely pick up new/different tips bc they’re all over Pinterest now, but wow, you nailed it here! I really love the dryer sheet tip (!!!) and the cotton on top of your compacts – amazingly helpful — so thanks!

  9. Rachel

    I love the idea of using dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling good and straws for necklaces! I had never thought of these! Thank you!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  10. Leftbankgirl

    Love this! So many cool tips! I roll my clothes too but didn’t think of the dryer sheets. Sometimes I double bag the toiletries too.

  11. Emily

    What an amazing idea for keeping necklaces from getting tangled!

  12. Ellen

    I love the idea of keeping your items prepackaged. Much easy to just grab and go, and you’re much less likely to forget something. As an overpacker, I’m always looking for tips. Thanks!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  13. Maja

    I usually pack to much of stuff and bring them home untouched. I needed a few packing tips which will come handy, since I am going on a weeks vacation soon! 🙂
    x M.

  14. Hayley Larue

    That is seriously the best jewelry tip to avoid tangles! Can’t believe I never knew that!

  15. Shelby Jewel

    I loved these travel tips. Putting the necklaces through a straw is literally the most brillant idea. Thanks so much for sharing!


    Shelby Jewel

  16. Lindsay

    Great tips!! I need to try the cotton ball trick!! And I love your off the shoulder dress!!

  17. Sara Kate

    Wow!! These are great tips!! I am loving them. I would have never thought of some of these… Putting necklaces through straws to keep them from tangling is a brilliant idea!

    Sara Kate Styling

  18. Heidi

    These tips are awesome and this post is perfectly timed as I’m heading on vacation tomorrow:)

    Wishes & Reality

  19. Torey Beerman

    These are all SUCH good packing + traveling tips that I can’t believe I didn’t think of before now! Thank you SO much for sharing, as I travel a lot! 🙂

  20. Yaasmeen

    Great Tips on Packing! Thankyou 🙂

  21. July

    Hi. Great post! Maybe a silly question but I’d like to receive your posts to my email and read along with my morning coffee. But one problem… I couldn’t find the way how to subscribe via email your blog.


  22. Kristin

    Thanks for the traveling tips, I’m leaving to Kauai next Saturday so I was in need of your travel tips. =)

  23. Sabrina

    I always keep a case full of all my beauty essentials ready for travelling. I refill them when I come back home so all I have to do is toss it in my suitcase. I even refilled my antifrizz spray into a small travel sized spray bottle 🙂

  24. Kelsey

    Ok I’m obsessed with your sons pants!! Please please details!

  25. Faylinn

    I am going on a trip tomorrow with my son and have yet to pack my luggage. I have been trying to decide what to pack and how to pack it and I have been especially worried about how to go about doing that with the products that I use. I really like and appreciate your tip about getting my own travel-sized containers, because I’m never really satisfied with the already filled ones that I normally get. I could probably use the containers for shampoo and conditioner, as well as my lotions and body scrub.

  26. Terry Hansen

    Hi! I love your blog and the posts you share. The packing suggestions are more than awesome and extremely helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing with us:)

  27. Kyla Cruz

    Thank you for this informative blog. Separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic with your luggage limitations. chelsea moving

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