I am so excited to share this Halloween shoot we did a couple weeks ago! Growing up, Halloween wasn’t a big deal at our house but since I’ve moved to Utah it’s an all out event. Cody’s family is really into Halloween. His sister is super crafty and goes all out with amazing decor! Cody and I wanted to do something more dramatic this year so we got together with one of my photographers and came up with this skeleton concept.

The hair and makeup took about 4 hours. Jill hand painted the lace on my neck which was the most time consuming but I love all the detail! It has always been my dream to wear an Oscar de La Renta dress and this one literally took my breath away when I opened the box. It’s so beautiful! I love getting dressed up but rarely have an occasion to wear full ball gowns. That’s one thing I love about Halloween – you get to pretend to be anything you want and wear those special pieces you may not have the chance to wear on a typical day, whether it’s a gown or that dress you’ve been eyeing in the back of your closet. Plus with so many parties leading up to Halloween, you don’t have to choose just one costume! I have a few more ideas for our family Halloween party so stay tuned next week 🙂


Special thanks to the super talented girls that made this happen! Photos by Emmy Lowe | Hair by Tatum Wetzel | Makeup by Jill Marie



* In collaboration with Neiman Marcus and Shopstyle.


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  1. Rachel

    This is the coolest shoot I’ve ever seen – combining two of my favorite things – Halloween and fashion! I LOVE the makeup!

  2. Aubrey Kinch

    This is so beautiful! In such a artistic, creepy way! Haha- love it, Christine!

  3. Colleen K

    Omg Christine you look incredible! This is the most amazing halloween look I’ve ever seen! Kudos! Thanks for posting, always love seeing you and your beautiful family!


  4. Jill

    OMG weren’t you nervous to get your hand make-up on your dress??!! Lol Beautiful shoot! Loved it!

  5. Rose

    These are the most incredible Halloween pictures I have ever seen!! Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays, so I really enjoyed this post. Your gown is absolutely incredible. The make up is extraordinary! Really artistic pics! Loving the grown up version of Halloween! Thanks for sharing this:)

  6. Kady

    This is SO SO AMAZING!!! The makeup and dress are absolutely perfection! Sexy and creepy at the same time! Awesome!

  7. Kathryn Byers

    This shoot is so much fun! Happy (early) Halloween!

  8. Karen

    I looooove the idea of wearing formal gowns for fun for Halloween! Such a cool look!!! Amazing as always 🙂

  9. Rae

    These turned out fantastic! Love it!


  10. Kristin

    So awesome! Dress is gorgeous and the makeup is amazing!!!!

  11. Jennifer Almarine

    This looks fabulous. The black and white photos are particularly creepy and awesome.

    Jennifer Almarine

  12. Kaisha -

    I am not big when it comes to Halloween either but I love these photos, and the concept. The dress is stunning…..of course, it is – it’s Oscar de La Renta.

    ♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡

  13. laura nanette

    love, love, love this look! This is like a life-time-couple-halloween-goal to work towards! I love the make up for both of you and am really looking forward to further halloween looks from both of you!
    xo laura

  14. Lindsay

    Amazing gown!! Just gorgeous!!

  15. Polina

    Way to make scary look classy!!! Awesome dress and gorgeously spooky makeup! The details are unbelievable! I also love how the background supports the whole black&white setup – nice job!!!

    Red Lipstick Optional

  16. Petra

    I say just only one word that describes it all: AMAZING!!
    You look absolutely gorgeous and scary all in one moment, love all these pictures.

  17. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Absolutely mysteriously scary and beautiful in every essence of the word. A great presentation of fear and fierce. 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  18. Megan

    OMG this shoot is the BOMB! You and your husband look hot AF

    these photos really are beyond amazing!

  19. Huong

    I hardly comment on your blog, but I am blown away, Christine!!! I’m not a fan of Halloween at all, but you totally made me glamorous! Wow! Cody looks great too! I can tell you put a lot of planning and thought into this and you’re right! You got creative with what you had in your closet and live up to the Neiman Marcus name. GORGEOUS!

    1. Hi Huong,

      Thank you so much that means a lot! We tried to make it something unique 🙂 Thanks so much for the feedback! XX

    1. Meredith

      Love the outfits! Wondering where you found the colored contact lenses! Thanks!

  20. Lorraine

    I love the dress

  21. Alyssa Hudson

    Awesome! Sups cool!

  22. Linda k

    You both look absolutely amazing The dress the shoes the makeup. We also love Halloween we’re dressing up the skeletons this year too. enjoy

  23. Christina

    I love your website, but it made me sad to see this post. Do you know the significance of Dia de Los Muertos? I wish you had included something about that since it’s not a topic to be taken lightly.

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