7 Thing You Didn’t Know About Us

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Happy Monday guys!! Cody and I are in California with the family this week for a couple of the Fashion Week presentations that moved from NY to LA. I am actually really excited to be in the warmer weather of California. Valentine’s is around the corner! Typically I’ve always gone with a cute red dress or classic red and black combo (which you can never go wrong with!) but this year I wanted to do something a little different so I opted for this beautiful white dress. I love the elegant, timeless white and I’m obsessed with this ruffle detail – they are having such a moment right now. Also obsessed with this white cross body.  It’s so easy to bring in that classic red Valentine’s accent with a red or pink lip, nail color, or shoe to tie the whole look together.

Christine and Cody Andrew Valentines Day
In anticipation of the big day, I thought it would it be fun to share seven things you guys didn’t know about Cody and I.
  1. Cody still opens the car door for me every time we go somewhere together. Even if we are mad at each other over something dumb, he will walk over silently haha and still open it.
  2. I am an only child and Cody comes from a family of 10! He has 8 brothers and sisters. Both our families are really close. My cousins and aunt and uncle all live a block away from my parents house so even though I don’t have brothers and sisters, we were all super close growing up. I love that Cody has a big family! All of his brothers and sisters have 3-5 kids so when we all get together our group is close to 50 people!
  3. 50/50. Cody is so helpful around the house. He cooks and cleans as much as I do (maybe more lol). He thinks he’s a bad cook, but he’s actually a really good cook! We like to try new meals but have a hard time thinking of what to make so we like to get those ones where they send all the ingredients and recipe to your house.
  4. Daily Debates. Cody and I are both strong willed, and really competitive. It’s almost comical now, anything we see from guessing a TV actor, directions to a restaurant, or time it takes to get somewhere, we place a 5 minute back rub bet on it.
  5. Foot Rubs is both one of our all time favorite things!
  6. I HATE scary movies. Like I am the biggest scaredy-cat of all time. We were at a movie a couple weeks ago with our friends and Cody told me it wasn’t scary (LIE!) and I literally hid under his jacket for the last 20 minutes and plugged my ears hahaha. I’m such a baby!
  7. Always make time for each other! Cody and I still try and go on a date night every week. Honestly it probably happens about 3 out of the 4 weeks a month because sometimes life just gets busy. But we’ve both made it priority to take time doing something fun with each other weekly.

XX, Christine

5 Sweet Surprises from Him


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Obsessed with this ring stack!

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Sometimes when you’ve been married for a while it’s easy to let things slide. You forget to be as romantic as you were when you were first dating. We get caught up in the kids, work, day to day, and sometimes our relationship misses out on that TLC. Not on purpose of course 🙂 I’m thankful that Cody and I are both committed to each other. Don’t get me wrong we do not have a “perfect relationship” we drive each other crazy some days because we’re both so stubborn lol but he always knowns how to make me laugh and I’m so thankful to have him!

Cody always goes out of his way to surprise me with different things and sometimes I take for granted even the littlest things. With Valentine’s around the corner I wanted to share five of my favorite things Cody has done to surprise me.

  1. Mio: Our puppy was probably one of my favorite surprises! Cody had just hit a big goal at work and he asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. I said whatever I’m easy. I came home a couple days later to flowers and a really, really sweet card about how much he appreciated my support and help. I was excited with that! He asked me to grab something out of our room, and I opened the door to the cutest little puppy sleeping on our bed. I started screaming and crying with excitement! I had never had a dog before and always wanted one so it was really special!
  2. Jewelry: Cody has gotten me a couple different jewelry pieces through out our relationship and they always come with a special meaning. They are engraved or hold a special memory, and I love them not because they are jewelry, but because they hold a special memory and when I wear them they stay near to my heart.
  3. Just Because: Some of the best gifts come when they are least expected. The flowers he brings home just because, or the notes he leaves me on the bathroom mirror. I love the surprises where I really have no idea! One day he sent five different bouquets through out the day with a memory of something special to go with each one. I balled my eyes out lol. I am such a cryer haha.
  4. Romantic Song: This started when we were dating. We both love music, so Cody will find romantic songs or songs that hold some sort of meaning to us and will text me the videos to watch through out the day. I’m still trying to convince him to learn to play the piano so he can sing them to me 😉
  5. Treasure Hunt: When Cody and I were dating, he arranged an elaborate treasure hunt with cards awaiting me at each stop leading from one place to the next: Starbucks, inside jokes, my favorite lunch spot, shopping spree, our favorite place to look over the city with a CD of all our songs (haha how much does that age me, who has CD’s really anymore :), ending in dinner and cinnamon rolls waiting for me at home. It is still one of my all-time favorite dates (although admittedly I was convinced there would be an engagement ring waiting on the other end, but the cinnamon rolls were a close second ?

Cody always puts so much thought into all his gifts – he really is the best gift giver! I’m obsessed with these bracelets from David Yurman. There are different hidden messages wrapped in wire, like I love you, Je T’aime and Te Amo – I’m such a sucker for details!  I’m also soooo obsessed with this stacked ring – so pretty! Today through Sunday when you make a qualifying purchase at David Yurman you can also send a free bouquet of flowers to your S/O from the Bouqs. They also have a great selection for guys. Cody loves their cuffs and bracelets and wears and stacks them all the time from his day looks to dressier attire, so they also make a great gift for men too.

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with David Yurman and ShopStyle.

Treats by Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Hey 2017! 5 Goals For the New Year

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marks and spencer activewear Obsessed with these colorblocked blue pants (UNDER $100)! I like that they are high-waisted!

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Cody has a hard time finding sweatpants for the gym that aren’t too hot. He loved this pair from Marks & Spencer – they are fitted and still stretchy and lightweight.

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Brrrr. It’s been dumping so much snow in Utah lately! I just got a bunch of new workout stuff (all under $60). Love this vest for a versatile athleisure layer.

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It’s officially 2017! The new year came so fast! New Year’s always leaves me really really excited! A chance for a new start, new goals, and time to reflect on what I’m thankful for from the previous year and what I want to improve moving forward. 2016 was probably one of my most exciting years yet! Cody and I set BIG goals starting last year, personal goals, travel goals, goals to grow the blog and ILY and almost every goal we set we hit. We worked our asses off, but at the end of the year honestly I felt so emotionally exhausted. We were putting in long hours, many all nighters, and at the end of the day it felt like I didn’t get to enjoy the journey because I was pushing so hard to hit those goals.

Reflecting back on last year, I’ve realized that a lot of times when you feel like you are overwhelmed, so much of it is mental – it all starts with a mindset. I let myself get overwhelmed with that feeling of being “so busy” that I didn’t just sit down and enjoy moments. A lot of times even when I was home my mind was constantly running and I was never able to shut anything off. I realized that if you are working hard and not balancing the rest of your life, life just becomes work and there’s no point to working hard when you aren’t taking time to enjoy it.

With that said, below are a couple of my New Year’s goals for this year. We are taking a different approach to things and working more on improving the little day to day things that affect everything else we do.

  1. READ MORE. One of my big goals for this year is to read more. I’ve realized it’s easy for me to get distracted and overwhelmed mentally so I’ve been reading positive and inspiring books even just for 15 minutes a day to keep me on track. I just got a book that talks about being effective with your time and I’ve already taken so many parts to heart.
  2. RELAX. Last year even when I would be relaxing, taking a bath at night, I’d be in the tub with my phone responding to emails, getting posts ready, etc. The book I’ve been reading talks about deliberately setting aside that time to relax, otherwise you never get a chance to recharge. So I’ve literally been turning my phone to silent and putting it in another room so I don’t get distracted and actually relax. Not only does learning to relax help you recharge but allows you to be more present in the moment.
  3. BE PRESENT. I really debated sharing this, because it was probably one of my lowest “mom moments”, but I always strive to be honest with you guys, even in the hard times because life isn’t perfect. A few weeks ago I was on my phone finishing a deadline and B kept asking me to play tennis with him, I kept telling him to hold on I was almost done. After about 5 minutes of not being done, he started a major melt down crying, telling me to put my phone down, that I don’t pay attention to him. It was such a hard mom moment! It literally broke my heart. I threw my phone down and in tears gave him the biggest hug and just put everything else aside to be with him that afternoon. Sometime’s I forget how much they are really watching our every move. It is one of the hard parts of working from home, is that the kids see me working more but I realized this goes back to time blocking. Being effective with my time so when I am with them it’s quality time. I know I wasn’t present in many areas this last year, with my family, Cody, friends, etc. I don’t say that for you guys to build me up, I say that because I see it almost everywhere I go. We are all glued to our phones and it’s kind of sad in reality. I love what I do and am so grateful to be able to make a career out of something I’m passionate about, but no career is worth those bad mom moments so I’m making this year all about being more present.
  4. TIME BLOCKING. This was actually something we started last month we are bringing into this year. It is crazy how fast the day flies by and how easy it is to get distracted. We all get a million notifications on our phone from emails, social media, texts, calls, etc. I’ll be the first to admit I am easily distracted haha. So Cody and I both have started blocking out our days to effectively get things done. Certain times for certain projects.Whatever doesn’t get done, we have to wake up early the next day and finish. We have carried it over to our employees as well and it’s crazy how much more effective you are if you just set a timer to get something done.
  5. BEING ACTIVE. This is like a month to month thing for me, some months I’m really good at it and others I’m so bad. This book I’m reading cited all sorts of studies that show that even just 30 minutes of activity, 3 days a week positively affects almost every aspect of your life: health, happiness, love life – everything! It’s so easy to stay cuddled up inside, especially in the dead of winter, but with your New Year’s goals just getting started it’s the best time to start those habits and carve out at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to be active, whether it’s going to the gym, walking, or trying yoga or spin class.

Ok, sorry for the novel! I’ve spent so much time reflecting on last year and what I want for this year and it’s so helpful to put it into words – I swear writing it out makes it seem that much more attainable. What are some of your goals for the year?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links.