Tennis date night! Nothing like bonding while breaking a sweat 🥰



Date nights have been a little bit different lately for everyone – not your typical dinner and a movie. Cody and I have been trying to switch things up a bit and put our heads together to get creative. Dates are so important, and even more so now! A lot of couples are spending more time than ever, but rubbing elbows working in a confined space together, helping out with chores around the house, etc. is way different than quality, date time together. One thing Cody & I have been trying to do lately is get outside and be active for our dates. I’ve actually loved it more than your usual date because we really focus on each other more and feels great to take advantage of beautiful days by moving around!

Couples who workout together stay together right? The other day we decided to dust off our tennis rackets and go get a little competitive. Cody is the most athletic person I know – he is so good at everything he tries, which makes it impossible to really compete with him haha but it’s fun to try. It was such a fun memory too, so I wanted to put together some other active date ideas to try:

  1. Rollerblading.
  2. Pool Olympics. Our kids insist on getting in on this one!
  3. Basketball. I grew up playing basketball, so I get a little more competitive with Cody on this one, haha.
  4. Garage sale challenge. A great way to minimize your home too – see who can gather the most objects!
  5. Take a new workout class together.
  6. Physical fitness test.  A blast from the past – did anyone else have to do physical fitness tests in elementary school?
  7. Outdoor ninja warrior course. The set up is just as fun as actually running the course, not to mention watching each other attempt it haha.
  8. Scavenger hunt. Have you and your partner create one then compare whose was the most fun!
  9. Pickleball. A must try if you haven’t ever played – so fun.
  10. Evening hike. Build a bonfire when you get to your destination!
  11. Minute to win it challenges. Pinterest has great MTW ideas!
  12. Croquet. This is one of my fams all-time favs!
  13. Geocaching. Download the app or look up a nearby geocache online!
  14. Teach each other something new.
  15. Nerf fun war. The kids love to get in on this one too!
  16. DIY mini-golf course. Try and see how complicated you can make each hole.
  17. Fishing.
  18. Make a Time Capsule. I love these so much- it’s so fun to go back and look at how much you’ve changed over the years.
  19. Tennis.
  20. Try a 2 person fitness challenge. We love to do team sit up with Ollie! He loves it so much!

Whats some of your favorite active date night activities with your partner? I would love to add to the list and get some new ideas! 🥰 Share some of you favorites below!

XX, Christine

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