20 Date Night Ideas For You And Your S/O



TGIFFFFF!! What are you guys up to this weekend? The holidays always bring the hustle and bustle of events and work and family parties don’t forget to make time to spend with your SO just you two! Some months I’m super good at making sure we get “us” time and other times we struggle. For Cody and I our date nights usually consist of dinner and a movie, which we both love doing together! But it can be fun to switch things up once in a while for a night out with your significant other and do things that you wouldn’t maybe normally do. Here’s 2o ideas for dates that aren’t so typical!

  1. Binge Watch Netflix: Order some takeout, snuggle up on the couch and spend the night in. Have you guys seen the show Designated Survivor? It’s our new favorite lately!
  2. Make A Scavenger Hunt: Be creative and come up with different clues that take you both back to special places, inside jokes or anything else that will give you both a walk down memory lane.
  3. Go To A Cooking Class: Many restaurants, grocery stores and even colleges offer cooking classes for couples. Then you can save money in the future by making fancy dinners at home rather than going out!
  4. Make A Candlelight Dinner At Home: Put those cooking skills to the test now 😉
  5. Go To An Arcade: We have a nickel arcade in Utah and its super fun to go play games, get a bunch of tickets and win cheesy stuff.
  6. Find A Workout Class: Couples that sweat together stay together right? Find a class near you that you both have tried before, spin, zumba, kickboxing, anything else that gets your endorphins flowing!
  7. Play Tourist: Go to the most popular restaurant in town, visit a famous landmark or anything else your city is known for.
  8. Recreate Your First Date: If you went out for dinner, go to the same restaurant or watch the same movie you went out to!
  9. Have A Game Night: Monopoly deal is our favorite right now.
  10. Do A DIY Project Together: Find something on Pinterest like a craft or home project and try to recreate it!
  11. Try Something You’ve Both Never Done Before: Sometimes the best dates involve doing something that neither of you have done before. Find a class or restaurant you’ve never been to and see how you end up liking it.
  12. Have A 5 Course Dinner At 5 Different Places: Go to a different restaurant for each course of your meal! Somewhere for appetizers, entrees and dessert!
  13. Wake Up Early And Watch The Sunrise Together: Not all dates need to be at night!
  14. Bake Something: Bake cookies, a cake or anything else your sweet tooth desires! Any activity that involves eating is my kinda date 😉
  15. Do The Other Persons Favorite Hobby/Activity: What is something your S/O loves? Whether they’re into yoga or sporting events or anything else, they will love that you’re taking the time to do one of their favorite things with them!
  16. Shop For Each Other: Set up a budget, even just $5 or $10 and try to pick out something that reminds you of the other person.
  17. Go On A Mini Road Trip: Find a destination not too far from where you live and make a day out of it!
  18. Get Dressed Up And Have A Fancy Night Out: When’s the last time you got all dressed up and had a night on the town? Go to a fancy restaurant or even rent your dream car for the weekend!
  19. Go On A Hike: Free dates can be the best kind of dates!!
  20. Volunteer Together: Make a point sometime to opt for a meaningful date rather than a traditional one. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or nursing home It will be such a great experience to share together!

What is your favorite thing to do for dates?!

XX, Christine


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  1. Tabitha

    Great post and list! These are great ideas to mix things up! I love your relationship with your husband, and I hope you’ll share some relationship advice!



    I Love these ideas, especially getting dressed up.

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Thank you so much for these amazing ideas <3 🙂 And love these photos! You two are seriously the cutest!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  4. Brown Leather Trench Coat

    Love your tips and the adorable pictures!

  5. Caleb

    Wow these are wonderful ideas! Me and my S/O would do lots of crazy activities to cherish eahc others presence. We love each other reaaaaally much! | Fashion Store |

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