There has been a known rule in fashion since the 1950’s NO white after Labor Day. Ivory and off white weren’t considered a fashion faux pas but stark white was a no no. Good news! People caught sporting the color after Labor Day are no longer criticized, but actually considered fashion forward trendsetters. People like Angelina Jolie have helped pave the way for the winter white trend. 
(Angelina last week in New York)
White pants aren’t really an option for the winter months in Utah with all the snow and rain or I would totally be sporting them, but there are still other great ways to wear the trend. So pull out your summer white shirts, tunics, and blazers white is back! Here is my take on the winter white trend.



Accessories are a great way to winterize the look a bit. If it were summer I wouldn’t wear the black and gold bracelet. Add a dark bracelet to accent the pure white on top.


Shirt: Target
Blazer: Target
Leggings: Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: F21, H&M
Watch: Target

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  1. Julie R

    Hi Christine, out of curiosity I went back to these, your oldest blog posts! I’m SO glad you left them on here! I see how far you’ve come (even though your taste was spot-on at this time too!) and it gives me hope for all my endeavors in life. You’re awesome! Julie xx

    1. Lol it’s so funny to look back at them! Stay true to your passions it all takes time and hard work but you can do it! XX

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