Probably one of my favoritest things is finding deals! Last week I found this Old Navy button up for $5. This week I scored this Michael Kors sequin tank on major clearance for $25. I probably need to stop buying stripey things but they are so classic.
One reason I picked this button up is because the stripes run vertical so it adds some dimension being most of my stripe shirts run horizontal. In all reality you can’t go wrong with stripes. (For more tips on layering stripes read here)
Tank: Michael Kors
Button Up: Old Navy
Denim: AG Jeans
Flats: Target
Accessories: F21 & ALDO
Watch: ALDO

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  1. Love your outfit.
    Nice blog. You’ve got a new reader 🙂

  2. What a lovely chic spring casual outfit dear! I love those patent leather flats!

  3. What great finds, and I love the contrasting pattern of the stripes! I also have those Target flats … they look great on you, and I would guess that they were much more expensive.

  4. how BEAUTIFUL are you!?

    i adore your clothes.

    and you.

    and your blog!

  5. hey girl looking good. Good seeing you at the studio the other day ..hey I was thinking we should put our fashion blog buttons on eachothers fashion blogs. you modeled for me when I styled you and I always like to help friends out. How about it? link up to mine? let me know you can send me your button too.

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