Yesterday I felt impulsive. Chop. Chop. I cut myself some bangs.

Top: F21 (recent)
Denim: UO
Pumps: Tj Maxx – Steve Madden
Purse: ALDO
Watch: ALDO

Since the shirt had this big bow and I wanted the colors to be the main focus I kept accessories super simple. Somedays I feel like less is more, others it’s all about stacking it on 🙂 Just go with your mood!

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  1. You look great with bangs! I just got some for the first time earlier this year and I love them. This mint and lemon combo you have going here–perfect! I love the shear top and those great mint jeans! Love the simplicity!

  2. This. is. amazing. You are a SUPERMODEL!

  3. Love the bangs and your outfit too!


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  4. You have quite the style… I am a bit jealous – I could not pull of this look.

  5. LOVE your top!! Your Hair looks amazing! Love the bangs!

  6. Will you do a post on how to style your hair? Besides lacking in the fashion department, I also lack in the cool hair department. Your hair is always gorgeous. Teach us how!

    1. Yes! I have had a couple emails about doing hair tutorials. I am going to start that up soon! Excited to share 🙂

  7. I cut bangs 5 years ago now I was so nervous but they have become my whole look so your will love them….they look cute good for you

  8. Thanks everyone for all positive feedback on the bangs. Love impulsive moments 🙂

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