Top: J. Crew Clearance
Denim: Urban Outfitters
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors similar here and here
I semily cleaned out my closet this weekend and found all my colored denim that had been hiding under a pile of shirts I have been too busy/lazy to hang.
It’s been nice to have the switch in color again from my basic denim.
I am 99% sure I am growing out my bangs, and 100% ready to go back to dark hair for fall. Just booked my hair appointment for the change. Soaking up the last week of the blonde and ombre.
So ready for fall!


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  1. I love your hair, I think going dark is going to be great, I love the sound of it!

    1. I would say go mint or yellow those are the colors I wear the most. I really love the hot pink pants I have seen around too. Haven’t found any with a good fit yet but hot pink would be another great color to have!

  2. I’m so ready for fall too! Love all the cozy fall fashion, I find I’m more creative then too:)

    1. I agree! I feel like fall outfits are so much more fun because you can layer and mix patterns more!

  3. I love this outfit you are such an inspiration for my blog! Can’t wait for fall so {AZ} can leave this heat behind! I hope you are having a great day!


  4. You are soooooooooooo pretty! I love your outfit, your hair is amazing (bangs or no bangs)! I just colored my hair this past weekend to a darker shade and it was quite dramatic… I had to rant about that one yesterday on the blog. It still scares me to look in the mirror! xoxo

  5. Love the colours of this outfit! Might as well wear them now before Fall comes and it’s time for heavier sweaters and darker shades of coloured denim! Looking forward to seeing your new hair 🙂


  6. You look sooo cute! I really really love those shoes!

  7. Love your top and pants color <3 By the way follow you, hope you follow me back:D

  8. I’m growing out my bangs right now too! haha, its a bit of a pain, but worth it. I am having the hardest time styling them… they’re at that “awkward” stage, so I cant wait to see how you do it! Any suggestions so far?
    Also, I love your blog and your style!!


  9. oh my goodness. my closet is in the same situation. i have a hard time dressing myself daily because most of the clothes aren’t hung or organized. i need a dresser desperately!

    also, i’m SO excited for you to go dark! i love seeing what other brunette fashion bloggers wear. 😉


  10. I’ve never thought of orange and yellow together, and pairing it with mint makes it perfect

  11. Omgosh, all of these pastel colors go together perfectly!! And you would look great in bangs! I’m already starting to see them grow out!

  12. Digging the yellow denim it’s just the perfect shade. super cute blog! hope you’ll check ours out!
    Kathryn & Rita

  13. so pretty color combination. love those sandals.


  14. OMG I love your blog and especially this outfit with the great neon colors! Looking forward to new posts

    <3 Kelly

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