Snow Tones

Top. H&M // Sweater. Mike & Chris (old) // Denim. Urban Outfitters // Boots. J.Crew
Bag. ILY COUTURE // Glasses. Urban Outfitters // Beanie. H&M
Lipstick. NARS
Happy Holidays Everyone! How was your Christmas??
Can you believe how fast it came and went. I feel like I blinked and it was over. 
Normally I am not one to talk about presents but I have to gush about one of my gifts from my hubby. 
 I have been wanting one for years. I was so, so excited!!!

Let’s take a second to talk about how much technology has changed…. 
Any guesses on how long it takes 1 picture to develop?
40 minutes! 

Apparently “shaking it like a poloraid picture” doesn’t help speed the process up either. Five minutes after you snap the photo you start to see the faintest outline of the image, then 30-35 minutes later you see the full picture lol. I LOVE IT. The images look so vintage, like they are straight from the 80’s. Coolest present ever!

What was your favorite surprise gift? 
Hope you all had the best time with fam and friends – Loves!

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  1. beatiful! what a fun gift!!! i love the color of your purse… the outfit looks perfect.


  2. Merry Christmas.
    If you get a sec, checkout my latest post ‘Lovely Leather’. I would love to know what you think.

    XO Sofia

  3. This is a lovely outfit. I love mint skinnies! And that bag… to die for (the link doesnt work for the bag though!)
    Great gift!!

  4. I love the “snow” tones with a little pop of interesting color! Winter Whites are HUGE!

  5. What a special gift! By the way, I think I saw you last week at ztejas right when I was leaving the restaurant. I totally would have said something if I wasn’t in a rush! Anyw! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, Christine!

  6. One of my blog posts was published on Hello; it wasn’t on Christmas Day, a few days after, but it was still the most amazing present ever! Plus my siblings both came home, so it was really wonderful to have everyone together.

  7. Love the outfit! I’ve been looking for pieces to pair my mint jeans with! 🙂

  8. Nice look, you tried the outfit too differently to add to the fab of your persona, just love your hand bag especially the color which too unique and rear one.

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