Top. J.Crew Factory (old) // Jacket. Target // Denim. F21 (old) // Boots. Tory Burch

Bag. ILY COUTURE // Glasses. Target // Necklaces. ILY COUTURE & ILY COUTURE
For some reason I have really been enjoying fur the last couple days.
  Fur and snow just seem to go hand and hand. 
We got dumped this weekend with 20 inches of snow. Yes 20. It snowed for three days straight. We snuck out at midnight the first night and made snow angels and ran through flurry. There is something so childish and pure about running through untouched blankets of snow.

You could say I’m a sucker for the winter white wonderland.
{Happy Monday!}

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  1. Love that coat. love the whole outfit. the necklace and the plaid is great.

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  3. I like that you used pearls with your outfit. It gives a cute touch to it 🙂

  4. i LOVE this, Christine! the plaid, the fur, the leopard, the pearls. i love it all. and i am so jealous of all that snow – send some to north carolina!!

  5. Love the fur mixed with the plaid. Im so jealous of your weather! Everytime I get to Utah its summer and I havent seen the snow there in years:(

  6. yes please to that coat!!! love this outfit lady!!


  7. Love the winter wonderland! and that fur coat is so fun.


  8. Beautiful snow snaps! Love the leopard print and pearls 🙂

    xo Lulu

  9. Your expression in the first photo is priceless, divine, America’s Next Top Model! The outfit is fab too!

  10. Love your jacket.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post on my blog.


  11. need need all of this!!! looking FAB


  12. What is better than a fur coat, gingham and pearls!?! I love this outfit!

    Rachel Ashley

  13. You are living fabulously. I love it!

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