Sweater. F21 // Tank. J. Crew Factory // Puffer. Victoria Secret // Leggings. Lauren Conrad // 
Hat. Stolen from the Hubs // Boots. ALDO // Sunglasses. H&M
It’s always funny to me people assume the brands or teams you wear you do with purpose. My husband gets a “Go Redsox!” or “Yankees suck!” from complete strangers anytime he has his Boston or New York hat on. When people ask me questions about a team I’m wearing I always just look like a clueless idiot because I have no idea what they are talking about.
I just liked the colors and they matched my outfit so I decided to wear it. 
Probably not the answer they were hoping for 🙂
Unless its basketball… that’s a whole different story.
Thanks so much for reading!
Happy Tuesday

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  1. casual looks are my fave – love the hat

  2. So cute, love the laid back look and always stealing my hubbys hats too!

  3. you are just to flipping adorable!! loving the hat lady!!


  4. I love the neon orange on you and how to you manage to make a baseball hat chic?! I totally understand, I would definitely go for pretty colors over team recognition any day!

    Chelsea & The City

  5. Love this casual look! I made the mistake of wearing my yankee’s hat after they lost a huge game and the guy stocking groceries at Target was quizzing me on why I’d be wearing it out in public after that game… I didn’t even know there was a game. I just lived in NY so I liked the hat.
    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  6. Loving the orange!! I am the same way and mostly with hats! I wear cute team hats because they look good, but not because it’s a team I like and know about! haha!

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