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Greens to Neon

Top. J. Crew Factory (similar here)  // Skirt. Prabal Gurung // Heels. Prabal Gurung // Bag. ALDO (old) // Sunglasses. H&M // Earrings. Michael Kors // Necklace. ILY COUTURE & ILY COUTURE // Bracelet. ILY COUTURE
Did you guys snag anything from Prabal Gurung’s collection at Target? 
I almost missed it. Most of the online stuff sold out so fast. I had to go to two Target’s and got the last size in these neon heels and a few of their tops. Phewwww!

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  1. Hello there incredible woman with a super amazing outfit! This whole outfit is just perfect, so inspiring!

  2. Love that little cross necklace! You have some great jewelry designs… Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    ~ emily

  3. What? do I see snow in the back and you are bare legged???

  4. I loved the collection, but didn’t pick up anything, which I’m really regretting now! These heels were my favorite though… And I love how you seamlessly tied so many vibrant colors together! This outfit is Gorgeous.


  5. I love all of the bright colors together! Checking out your blog was such a fun way to start my morning.

    p.s. Love the Prabal Gurung heels, too cute!

    Chelsea & The City

  6. I love your sunglasses! I’ve been on the hunt for mirrored sunglasses but definitely haven’t seen any at our h&m yet! Love the color of your blouse, too!

    1. I just got the mirrored ones recently at H&M. They were only $5.95 so keep checking back I bet yours will have them soon. The silver ones I wear are from the Men’s department so I would check there too 🙂

  7. Love the outfit esp the bag! I plan on heading to a far off Target tomorrow- I know it’ll be a long shot but I’ve got to try and at least find something in my size since I missed the boat the first time around!

  8. You look stunning! I love the bright neon colors!

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