Pleated Leather


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  1. Wow that skirt is absolutely amazing!

  2. Absolutely love this look. The pleated skirt is everything.


  3. That bag is adorable! I love it! Love your lipstick color too!

  4. In love with that skirt. This is a must have for me for this coming fall!

  5. Those shoes and that skirt-amazeballs! Looking fab πŸ™‚
    Love that you gave it a pop of color with a great earring and bag.



  6. So so cute! I love the skirt, I am super into midi skirts right now. And those shoes are fabulous!


  7. Love your colorful nails! It’s fun to go a little crazy with the polish once in a while

  8. I am obsessed with those earrings. I am visiting the site now contemplating ordering them. I am not sure I can pull them off as seamlessly as you though. Lookin’ fabulous.

  9. This is cute! Check out my blog post today and enter a post of your own to be featured!

    <3 Hannah

  10. Laura D'Alton

    Love the outfits! So beautiful!

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