ASOS Leather Top (similar here & here) / Joe’s Leather Coated Jeans / Suede Knee High Boots / Chanel Sunglasses / Kelly Wynne Bag c/o / Michael Kors Chain Watch

Happy Thursday! This week we have been setting the house up getting ready for Halloween. I’m talking crafting 3 days in a row. The kids just get so excited for any holiday! I have always loved art, and used craft and paint monthly, but the last year or so I have let a lot of the little things slip that used to be important to me. It’s funny how being pregnant has really helped me align those things back in order, even something as basic as enjoying my hobbies.

Part of the holiday set up included some dejunking in my home office. I found this leather ASOS top I had actually planned on returning, but forgot about it and missed the cut off date. I tried it on again and am glad this one didn’t make it back to the store, but really the thing I can’t get enough of is these black knee high boots. I think they are my favorite buy so far this Fall!


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  1. The boots are fab !!!! Sam Edelman is a great brand ! I sometimes have a hard time justifying boots because I live in Florida and reality is I might get 1 month of wear from boots if I’m lucky !!!

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