Every month I like to share with you a few snaps from my Instagram and where to find the most asked about items. 
My first baby bump snap. It was like overnight I suddenly started to show. A lot of you were asking about this striped bodycon dress. Honestly I have had it since my freshman year of college, so it’s about 6-7 years old! I love those basic, classic pieces that last forever. It seems like my stripe pieces never make it to the giveaway pile no matter how old they are 🙂  Below are a few similar bodycon styles: 
Fur Parka / Beanie (on sale) 
Cody and I snuck away to Denver this weekend for the Rihanna concert (she’s my favorite!). We found this cute little area by accident, Larimer Square. If your visiting Denver you should for sure make your way over there, especially at night. They have it strung with white lights like Christmas and there are about 20 fun little shops and restaurants. We went in this candy store that had 50 different types of root beer. They were in the old vintage bottles, so we picked a couple new flavors to try. Bulldog Root beer is amazing! You need to try 🙂
Haute Hippe Black and Gold Jacket (similar sale one here and here) / Haute Hippie Embellished Ivory Jacket (similar budget friendly here)
West Elm Faux Fur Blanket (similar here also loving this cozy throw)
The Beggar: Mio is the ultimate mooch when it comes to food. You could give him 20 cups of dog food and he would still beg for more snacks. I have to admit it’s pretty hard to say no to his cute little face that he almost always gets a few crumbs of our treats, so I guess it’s probably my fault he begs since we cave in to the pouty eyes 🙂
Utah Fall. 
This really has nothing to do with clothes, but I know I have mentioned it quite a bit the last couples weeks how truly beautiful it has been here. The bright bold colors of the leaves are now turning brown and winter is starting to settle in. Can’t wait for the snow frosted trees now!  

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  1. Oh cute little baby bump!!! Looks great on you!

  2. I love your first precious baby bump snap and Utah looks stunning in the Fall. I’m dying to make it out there one day!

    Chelsea & The City

  3. Pretty and Cute post!
    LOVE the dog photo…YOU can READ His/HER mind! LOL

  4. So funny! Before I read the caption I thought – that looks like my downtown… And it was! Hope you enjoyed Denver!

  5. Oh my GOD! Finally found someone “adult” who like Rihanna! Omg! I love her so much! The concert had to be amaziiiiing ♥ ♥ ♥ love,love,love 🙂

  6. Those beaded jackets are amazing! And love the baby bump pic!

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