Milly Leather Jacket (on sale) / Sweater (old loving this one) / Top Shop Maternity Leather Leggings (non maternity style) / Stripe Heels / Celine Bag
Reason 522 I love my sister in law, she surprises me with Christmas sugar cookies while we are out shooting. The way to a pregnant girls heart! 
So I actually saw this version of these stripe shoes last Spring. I fell in love but went back and forth on buying them because I wasn’t sure how much they would match. By the time I decided I really liked them and went back to purchase they were sold out. I hate when that happens! I had kind of forgot about them until I stumbled on this budget friendly version last week. I was excited for the find 🙂
Below are a few more black and white stripe heels at all price points:

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  1. That happens to me all the time! But I love your version and those shoes will work all year long!

  2. Im so jealous you can still wear cute heels. Im 31 weeks and my feet are so swollen 🙁 Uggs are my best friend

  3. I NEED those shoes in my life! Loved the post, keep it up you’re one of my favorite bloggers!


  4. I’m pretty much obsessed with your blog right now.
    I just recently started up a blog and would love to get some feedback on it.

    xo Lisette

  5. Super cute!! And now I want a sugar cookie..

  6. I absolutely love the shoes!! They make me miss the summer time. Lovely outfit as always!



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