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Forever 21 Pants [old similar here & here // loving these] / 
Nike Sneakers / ILY Earrings

You can’t help but feel happy when your in neons 🙂 I started wearing work out clothes a lot the second half of my pregnancy because they are just so comfortable. A lot of you have asked about staying fit while pregnant and for me it was learning to create a balanced diet.  

My mom was super healthy when she was pregnant with me. She didn’t drink pop, coffee, or eat any sweets, she said she would barely even chew gum. Me on the other hand… not so much. I love fast food.  At first I thought I was going to be crazy healthy too, I completely stopped eating junk food but about 10-11 weeks into it I sort of had a melt down. I was stressing myself out overanalyzing every little thing I was eating wondering if it was healthy for the baby and ultimately I knew that stress would be harder on the baby than just trying to have a balanced diet. Our lifestyle is so chaotic, Cody and I both work up to 12 hour days sometimes so we don’t have time to come home and spend a couple hours cooking. So I really tried to focus on these things:

 1. Drinking tons of water
I kept a case of water in my trunk so I could I always be drinking water. I’m on the road a lot so it was convenient for me to just have it in my car. A lot of my friends just got cute big water bottles they just kept filled for the day.
2. Eating fruits and veggies 
Fruits never tasted so good! Especially at the end I can’t get enough, but at the beginning I made sure to get my servings. Oranges and apples are really easy on the go and for other fruits like berries and grapes I’d separate into like 5 little baggies in the fridge so it was easy to grab on the go for the week.
3. Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt and granola was another daily snack. I’d have it almost every morning a couple hours after breakfast. It is rich in proteins and calcium which are great for the baby and has probiotics which are good for your digestive system.
4. Limit Caffeine
I had about 3-4 caffeine drinks a week [doctors say 16 ounces a day is okay but I just tried to do a little less] Probably one of the most random things I craved, which I never liked before I was pregnant, was Mountain Dew. Talk about caffeine! If I had Mountain Dew I would try to space out my next caffeine drink as long as possible.
5. Dessert
100% I still enjoyed a good sweet! Don’t let yourself feel guilty for a little indulging!
6. Vitamins
At the beginning of my pregnancy regular prenatal vitamins made me sick, so I took the gummies. Gummie Prenatal’s are a great alternative if you get nauseous, just make sure you have a iron supplement with it because most of the gummies don’t have the iron you need for you and the baby.

Being pregnant is so different for everyone, so find what works best for you. My biggest piece of advice is enjoy it and embrace the changes your body is taking! It goes by so fast 🙂


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with all of this! I feel like its so easy to drive yourself crazy making sure you’re eating ALL healthy things, but as long as you’re getting the good you need, the junk is completely fine!


  2. I love your style when i read this article at the 1st time. You girl looks beautiful and active. I’m looking forward to your upcoming styles.

    <3 Lien Nguyen
    Ao phong nu

  3. you are the CUTEST prego girl ever!! where did you get your yellow hoodie? and please someday do a tutorial on your messy bun! my fave….Idk why but I can not get mine like it 🙁

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