Last week we took a family trip with my Dad and Stepmom to California. It’s one of our favorite places to take the kids so I thought it would be fun to share 4 tips for enjoying Disney with the family:


Hello Disneyland
Neons on Neons. These Nike’s are my new favorite.
1. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes, and as much walking as you do at Disney you’ll want really comfortable sneakers. Love this pair!
This is 100% Wes fake smile can you tell? It cracks me up
2. Get there early so you can get fast passed. It’s such a game changer, especially with kids, so make sure to get there in time to get the fast passes!
We had every intention of staying until midnight but around 6 o’clock the meltdowns began and we were ready for a good meal and the pool and since we got there early enough we didn’t feel bad about leaving a little early.
Get there early so you can get fast passes with the kids.
3. Pack plenty of snacks! The food at the park is really expensive and adds up when there are lots of mouths to feed. Bring your own snacks to cut down on your expenses at the park.
Beach ready
Swimsuit (white version) / Sunglasses (also love these) / Honest SPF

4. Plan a beach day for the kids. You’ll never get tired of Disney, but it’s fun to plan a beach day for the kids for a change of scenery, especially when you live in a landlocked area and don’t make it to the beach very often.

B’s first day at the beach! We basically camped out under the umbrella most the day but he got to put his toes in and the kids built him a sand castle
Why are babies in sunglasses the cutest?
Love this little family. A couple of you asked about Mara’s maxi dress you an find it here.
Probably one of my favorite pics. Love this little dudes cuddles.
Have a great weekend!
PS. ILY Couture’s running their sample sale right now. You can get some of their pieces starting at a $1.

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    1. I love both I feel like they are a little different shoes. I love the 5.0’s for active things like hikes and stuff but I like the Internationalist for like everyday wear with shorts and jeans and stuff. So it’s a hard choice for me but if I could only have one I would probably say the Internationalist 🙂

  1. Such a cute photo of you and the bebe!


  2. Ummm I can’t stand it! You were one of the most adorable pregnant girls I have ever seen. EVER. There are not many women that only gain weight in their belly. Are you working out now? How did you bounce back so fast….genetics? I would love to hear all about what you are doing. You look so amazing!!!

  3. Where are those shorts from? Please please please let me know!!!! Love them!

  4. Where are those shorts from? Please please please let me know!!!! Love them!

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