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White Beaded Dress – ON MEGA SALE- now under $70 (more sizes here) // Celine Bag (not sold online – similar here) // Tory Burch Flip Flops (more sizes here – most comfortable flips flops ever!) // Karen Walker Sunglasses
Photos JessaKae Photography

I got this dress for Beckam’s 3 month shoot. I wanted to do an all white look and loved the little detailing on this one. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you guys in a couple weeks.  White dresses are one of my favorites. I love the clean classic look. I’ve been looking for a pretty white lace one and have my eyes on this and this, but am obsessed with this one. Below are a few other gorgeous white pieces.
Victoria Beckham Cotton-blend floral-jacquard dress
Reverse Lace Shift Dress
Bliss White Lace Dress
BB Dakota White Lace Dress
MM Couture Open-Back Lace Dress
French Connection ‘California’ Eyelet Blouson Maxi Dress
White Maxi Dress with Necklace
Jarlo Wonderland Maxi Dress
Sand Kisses Embroidered White Maxi Dress

I have been bad at posting this week. B caught his first cold. Poor little guy has had a fever, coughs, and lots of cries. At first we thought he was teething but then took him to the doctor and they said he has a little virus. Nothing breaks your heart more than seeing your little one in pain. He’s been waking up every hour at night just screaming, which is so rare for him he usually sleeps 8 hours straight. We’ve tried adding a humidifer and giving him lukewarm baths which help a little, but if you have any other tips for soothing I’d love to know what has helped your little ones. I know a cold isn’t a huge deal, but it’s the first time he’s been sick so naturally I overly worry.


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  1. When my daughter has fever I always bring it down by putting cold wet socks on her feet and cold wet undershirt on her and it usually works every time!
    I hope that your little one will start feeling better soon!


  2. I am so sorry B is sick. I know the panic feeling, I am a first time mom to Rocky who is 9 months. He just got over a double ear infection so I know how you feel! Try purchasing at Target a Vicks Plug In. You plug it into the wall and put a Vicks pad inside, it really helps keep them from being stopped up which helps them sleep. They are great and I highly recommend them. Also I would get a snot sucker. Use that instead of the bulb. He will probably hate it but it will allow you to get all the snot which will make them feel better quicker! I hope this helps and he starts to feel better soon!! Xoxo
    Love, Bess

  3. Such a gorgeous dress!! Looks stunning on you! Love it paired with the black leather accessories!! Hope B feels better soon!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  4. If he’s stuffed up, I’m going to suggest the Nosefrida. It seems like a gross concept (and it is), but it works wonders! It really helps alleviate the sinus pressure and gets out more “stuff” than a bulb. I hope he feels better soon!

  5. Gorgeous dress! I love it’s simplicity. An all white look is a fave of mine too. Hope little B feels better soon. 🙂

  6. Madeleine

    Love this dress! Does this run true to size??

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