Beauty Travel Kit

DETAILS: Red Nail Polish || Red Lip Color || Translucent Finisher || Blush-Bronzer Duo || False Lashes || Moisturizing Cream || Dual Pearl Studs || Grey Cable-Knit Beanie || Curling Iron

Wherever your holiday travels take you, you won’t want to show up unprepared. It’s a never-ending battle over luggage space between clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty products. To avoid over or under-packing, you sometimes have to ignore those just-in-case impulses and focus on what you know you will need. Today I have teamed up with Target to share my travel beauty essentials.

1) Nail Polish: With kids, nail polish chips are to be expected. I always carry my current nail color for quick touch ups, knowing it will get a lot of use. I’m loving this Holiday red shade.

2.) A Bright Lipstick: These matte crayon pencils are amazing! Red lipstick is one of those double-duty make up products. Not only does a little color brighten up your face and avoid the need for heavy eye makeup – it is also festive!  Can there really be too much red on Christmas?

3.) Photo-Ready Illuminating Powder: Everybody whips out their camera during the holidays and you can never guarantee that you won’t be caught mid-sentence, with a mouthful, or in some other less-than-photogenic pose. With an illuminating powder I can at least make sure my skin is photo-finish ready.

4.) Blush-Bronzer Duo: We all wish we still had the sun-kissed glow of summer. Bronzer is a great alternative to add some color to your cheek bones.

5.) Falsies: A pair of false lashes might seem like one of those ‘just-in-case’ impulses, but it is one you are likely to find an occasion for. Falsies are great for a holiday party or can also be an easy addition to a bare face for the early (and camera crazy) Christmas mornings around the tree.

6.) Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream: Consider this a PSA to anyone traveling to a dry climate. The winter can get so dry out here that everyone in our family gets eczema. Most of our extended family lives in a similar climate, so I make sure to pack this family favorite for holiday travels.

7.) Dual Pearl Studs: These earrings have been on repeat ever since I got them. They pair perfectly with just about anything and adds an extra touch of class to holiday ensembles.

8.) Beanies: Beanies are another versatile packing pick. They can go glam with a pair of boots for a night out with friends. Plus I always make sure to pack one for those days I don’t want to do my hair (come on – you’ve been there!). I opt for neutrals, like grey, that won’t clash with the other items I’ve packed because those lazy days or last minute hangouts can be unpredictable.

What are your beauty travel essentials?


* Special thanks to Target for sponsoring this post. Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not indicative of Target.


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  1. Bobbi

    Everything a girl dreams of!

  2. Kate {Taffeta and Tulips}

    Great round-up! I swear by Cetaphil and I actually use that exact bronzer!! I need to pick up that gray beanie the next time I’m in Target 🙂

  3. Ana

    Agreed re. point 3! I’m always the person who is caught on the camera in most unflattering poses! Great if I can do “editing” later (delete!delete!delete!) but sometimes I can’t…Lovely selection. I can always rely on Essie and Revlon and bronzer is my desert island product all year around.

  4. Ludivina Amezcua

    I have tried the Sonia Kashuk makeup line from Target and I love it! Great quality at great prices. And obviously, Essie’s nail polishes are the best! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Emily

    Great round up! All you really need.


  6. Kim

    what a great selection! I especially love the earrings, classic with a twist. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Emma Sweigard

    What is Mode Media and how did you become a part of it? Curious 🙂

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