After the long, cold months of winter, we’re all inevitably drawn to the bright colors typical of spring and summer. Toning things down with your makeup means you can go all out with the rest of your wardrobe and accessories without going overboard. To keep your complete look from reading too 80s sitcom, switch out your dramatic makeup from something more natural. The contrast of neutral makeup against a bright ensemble will leave your look both subtle and season-appropriate.

1. Eyebrows bear the brunt of the burden for pulling off a successful neutral beauty effect, so treat them as such! A soft filler in the right color (2 shades lighter than your hair color, according to most pros) is all you need for bold but natural-looking brow. Because I have ombre hair I go for a shade lighter than my root color. My go to is this eye brow pencil. The entire collection is amazing but this eyebrow pencil and this brow wax primer are my go to’s. The wax primer keeps the fly aways in.

2. Bronzer and illuminator (I really like this one and this one) will work overtime to give your skin that effortless glow and natural-looking contour. Even if I don’t have foundation on I like to bronze my cheeks for a quick color. I have used this one since high school. This one if great for contouring because it blends easy.

3. A little eyeliner goes a long way, but a little white liner goes even further. A subtle application will brighten your eyes instantly while still maintaining that ‘all-natural’ effect. Apply the white liner to the inner corner of your eyes.

4. Don’t think you should skip blush when wearing brights – there is nothing more natural than flushed, rosy cheeks! A minimal touch of blush is all you need. I love this one.

5. Every woman can pull off a nude lip. I am obsessed with this gloss (color: turkish delight). I swear by it because I feel like it looks good on every skin tone. It also looks great as a finishing gloss over lipstick if you want a little shine. My other go to lip color is this pink shade (color: saint germain) it is the color I have worn in most of my pics recently. It’s a soft pink that looks great with your neutral wardrobe.

6. I don’t wear eye shadow very often but when I do I opt for a shadow with out shimmer. This is my favorite natural palette. I use the cream tones to highlight my brows and the light tan and browns for my lids.

7. Nothing puts the finishing touch on a neutral beauty look like a white manicure. I think I keep an all white mani 75% of the spring/summer. I love how it looks especially when you have a tan!

There will be a new post every day this weekend so tune in for more Saturday and Sunday. See a guide to Men’s Swimwear on Hello His today.


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  1. Gia S.

    Love turkish delight! Its my fave too

  2. Nina

    You look gorgeous as always! Even when I do a neutral makeup look I always have to have blush and a little bit of highlight. Have you tried Becca blushes? They are beautiful!


  3. Paige

    I’ve been loving doing a more natural make up look lately! yours is gorgeous! I’m going to have to try out some of the products you mentioned!


  4. Mary

    The link to the white blouse does not seem to go to the same blouse. The neckline looks different.

  5. Sabrina

    I just don’t get the whole eyebrow thing. Two shades lighter than my blonde doesn’t exist as an eyebrow pen^^

    1. Hey Sabrina! Good point! I would opt for a color that still gives you definition maybe the rule really just applies for brunettes or dirty blonde…. I’m stumped too 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    Love your style! Going to get my hair trimmed…out of all of your cuts which one do you think the easiest?! Length and or style?!

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