Whenever I pour a cup of coffee in preparation for a late night, it takes me back to good ole college days – I couldn’t have survived my college days without coffee and my favorite Coffee-Mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer – I’m a lotsa creamer kind of girl 🙂

Whether you’re a mother, professional, or student, we all have those nights we have to stay up after the whole city seems to have gone to sleep. I’ve found it can be one of the most productive work times for me undistracted by the world around, so I wanted to put together a list of some musts for you other late night owls (and let’s face it – we’ll all be there at one point!).

  1. Quiet Workspace. A calm work environment is, in my opinion, one of the perks of working late at night. Without distractions you are already at an advantage. If you can’t stand the silence, turn on your favorite relaxing playlist.
  2. Bright bulbs. Light signals your brain to stay alert so a well-lit work space is a must to get your best work done late at night.
  3. Coffee. Need I say more? If you have leftover coffee from your late night long haul, pour your leftover coffee and creamer into an ice cube maker to make coffee ice cubes for a cold treat the next day. [Not a coffee drinker? Try mixing Coffee-Mate’s flavored creamers like Caramel Macchiato or Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie with a tea latte or other hot drink.]
  4. Get comfortable. Crawl into a pair of cozy pajamas to work in comfort.
  5. Stable schedule. Sleeping in too long after a late night will throw your entire schedule out of whack. Wake up at your normal time the next morning to stay on track.
  6. Don’t sit still. Stretching or other quick exercises boost your heart rate and get your blood pumping again. I try to take a break every couple hours and just walk outside for some fresh air and reboot.

What are your favorite flavored creamers to dress up a cup of coffee?


* Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Nestle CoffeeMate.

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  1. Devon

    Aww I wish I could have creamer!! I live 100% off almond milk unfortunately. But back in high school their cookie flavored was my guilty pleasure!

  2. Rae

    Thanks for the tidbits! I enjoy my sleep way to much to be able to stay up late, but I envy you for using the night as a time to get things done!


  3. Nat

    Love the shirt and the mug. Where did you get that fabulous chair?! xx Nat

  4. Sara Cooper

    LOVE this post. I’m there with you being a blogger and Mommy. Coffee is in my hand ALL day!


    Yum – We love the Coffee-Mate Classic Vanilla creamer! 🙂
    #6 Nails it for us… Must get the blood flowing sometimes to regain some energy!

    BAANOU Team

    #ShopBaanou <3

  6. Mia

    I love the chair! I’d love to know, where did you get it?

  7. Ellen

    I’m a loyal vanilla girl, although International Delight sells a Coldstone Sweet Creamer that is really good as well. Love starting my morning with a cup of coffee.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  8. Ashley

    Totally get the creamer thing! I like coffee in my creamer.

  9. Rachel

    I am obsessed with your new vacation and mom sweaters at ILY Couture! They’re so cute!! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  10. Jill

    Let me guess……you were paid to plug the creamer? It was not subtle.

  11. vickij

    I am a creamer kinda gal too! Try Baileys creamer. They have many flavors, but right now I’m on a “mudslide” kick.

  12. Seppy

    One of the most important tips is the stretching, whether it’s to stretch your back and or neck or getting up to get the blood flowing!

  13. breana newton

    italian sweet creme! ugh zoo good and so addicting

  14. JJ

    Would love to see how you did your hair! Do you have any tutorials?

  15. Michelle Fitch

    Long time follower of your blog- first time commenter! Just had to pop on here and commend you for your sponsored posts (ha, sounds silly I know!). But honestly I love the way you do sponsorships. You always take a bunch of pretty pictures and write useful material underneath so that even without the sponsorship it is still a quality post. I see so many bloggers nowadays that have gotten so popular that every post is sponsored (and I get it.. It’s their income, no shade!), however what irks me is how they really put no effort into these posts because they either aren’t really inspired or they don’t care about the product. Your blog is so different and refreshing and I love it!! Will always be a fan! -hugs! Michelle

    1. Aw Michelle, that really just made my day! I love the brands I work with and always try to work hard to make it pertinent to you guys as the readers 🙂 Thanks so much for following and giving your feedback! XX

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