I’ve always loved big hair and lots of volume. I wanted curls so badly that in high school I went for it and got a tight curl perm. Let’s just say big mistake. Now that the 70’s are back in full force it’s the perfect time to go for the big volume curls again. Today I am sharing a tutorial on easy, tight voluminous curls (without the crazy perm ;). I found this new little curling device at Sally Beauty – they have a great selection of hairstyling tools for almost anything you can think of. I used the BelissPRO Curl Genius and it made it so much easier for fast tight curls.

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.
  2. Plug in your curling machine. I used the highest heat setting and used the 12 second curl. There are three options: 8/10/12 seconds. For looser curls do the lower heat setting and less time.
  3. I curl my hair in sections, going from side to side. No rhyme or reason to it – I just section the top layer on one side and pin it up with a clip or bobby pin so I can get the lower layers all curled. My front bang pieces are always the last pieces I curl and I never do a tight curl next to my face! I always do a loose curl to shape my face at the end.
  4. Grab your hair in 1/3-1/2 inch stands. The smaller the strand, the tighter the curl and more volume you will achieve which is why I went for thinner strands.
  5. In most cases I would say technique is the key to curls, but for this look the curling tool I used made all the difference. Start with the settings side (where the buttons are) closest to your head and place a strand of your hair, closest to the roots, directly through the middle and clamp down. The curling machine automatically draws the rest of the strand into the top, so you can keep it in place while it does all the work for you. It’s so crazy! It just sucks it in and does the magic.
  6. Once your hair is in the machine you will hear a beep. It will beep in four second intervals letting you know the hair is being curled. Once the time is up, it continually beeps so you know how to release the hair. Hold the curl for 12 seconds for a tighter, high volume curl. Getting the uniform look with consistent curls can be hard with a curling iron  – that’s one of the reasons I love this machine for this look.
  7. Once all my hair is curled I run my fingers through my hair and mess it up to break up the curls. I do the upside down head-flip a few times too to create that extra volume and finish off the look with that last loose curl to frame by face.

Et voila! A big hair, don’t care look and no (disastrous) perm involved.



*Photos by Emmy Lowe. In collaboration with Sally Beauty.

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  1. Danielle R

    I love it! It’s so cute on you. I can’t wait to try it on my shirt hair 🙂

  2. Polina

    This curling machine is a total novelty to me – I had no idea such a thing existed!!! It looks so much easier than a curling wand or any other implement I’ve tried…

    And it looks so great on you! You should definitely wear it curled more often – very soft and feminine look 🙂

    Red Lipstick Optional

  3. Meghan

    Love the knot knit dress!! Do you have plans to re-stock the long sleeve one on ILY?

  4. MARY

    perms, haha. who hasn’t ?!
    Alas, I have curly, and I want straight!
    but I just go natural because its too much work for me,
    I have to color it, and wash it 2x a day because i go to the gym in the morning….

    that’s a cool tool though….thanks for great post as usual.

  5. Anne Benton

    I have naturally wavy/curly hair and would give it all to you any day of the week…I am always searching for the best straightening and flat iron products…so funny! Looks amazing and nice to hear of this great product.

    Anne Benton //

  6. Bri

    I would love to try this, my hair is pretty darn straight, I wonder if it would help it to hold a curl!

  7. HairTide

    After straight hair becomes curly hair looked better, but also very natural hair, you can make yourself at home, very convenient, after reading this I would quite like to be this hairstyle, but my hair was too short, it seems I get to the store to buy a wig or hair extension to be such, it should be also very good, like this one! ! ! ! ! ❤

  8. Diane Worrest

    I cannot wait to try this. Do you know how it works with LOOONG hair?
    You are beautiful as always!

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