Hey guys! I’ve shared some of my on-the-go beauty essentials before but today I wanted to share a few more things I always keep on hand to be prepared for those crazy days when you are in a bind.

1. Phone charger: It’s a miracle if I can make it until noon on a full charge these days so I always have an extra phone charger in my bag when I’m out and about. It’s either that or a portable charger – otherwise I feel stranded.

2. Blister cushions: Whether you’re on-the-go, breaking in a new pair of heels, or just have a full day at the office in heels, there is nothing more annoying (or painful) than having a blister rub your foot raw. I am obsessed with COMPEED Blister Cushions. They blend with your skin and lay super flat so they aren’t noticeable. They instantly make your feet feel better. They are available only at Walgreens and they are under $10.

3. Lint roller: Whether it’s a cozy shedding new scarf or your 4-legged friend to blame (cough cough Mio!), I always my lint roller, especially in the winter months when I wear more black! Another quick fix is to use tape, but it takes five times as long so I keep a lint roller with me 🙂

4. Lipgloss: I swear, a swipe of lipgloss is sometimes all I need for a midday pick me up. Nothing feels better than a fresh lip.

5. Stain stick: This is another one of those you’ll always regret not having when you need it most especially when you have kids!



*Photos by Jessa Kae. In collaboration with Compeed Blister Cushions.

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  1. Kelli Anne

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The pink color shoes are amazing!

  2. nadin

    loved this look!

  3. Shae

    I used to be so good about carrying these things, but I’ve been slacking lately. Thanks for the reminder!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  4. bshujewelry

    Obsessed with the color of the sweater with the heels! <3

    Phone charger, lipgloss and face mist! A stain stick is actually the best idea (and no I don't have kids haha) but I'm an expert in staining. Especially when wearing white…

  5. Sara Kate

    What a fun sweater! I love the texture of it. I hear ya, though. My phone goes dead so quickly. I always keep a charger on me and even then sometimes {when I’m out running around not in the car} it still goes dead! Cute post.

    Sara Kate Styling

  6. Megan

    I love the color of your sweater and purse together! Your hair looks adorable and I want to try it with mine!

  7. kayleejoy

    Those shoes — to die for!

  8. janna doan

    these are great handbag essentials! i will have to try the blister cushions! xoxo, janna

  9. steffi kaczorowski

    I would love to know since you got a new phone i phone 6 or 6+ ! ?

    1. I got the 6 plus and I LOVVVEE IT! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the smaller phone it’s so great for pictures and stuff 🙂

  10. Sadie Lee

    This is a post every girl should read! I don’t go anywhere without my stain stick!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee

  11. Priyanjaly

    Since I am heel lover, I swear by blister cushions. For me, they are one of the greatest inventions. Hehe! My another must have is blotting sheets since I have a super oily skin. I love how you are an inspiration for styling women clothing in different ways.

  12. Colleen K

    I swear I bring baby wipes with me even when I don’t have the baby – stuff like that just seems to come in handy these days! Lol I swear by Compeed though – my valentino flat gives me horrible blisters, but I can’t stop wearing them! Putting a compeed pad on before I wear they helps every time!


  13. valerie hansen

    I love your whole outfit, especially your sweater! I totally love your Instagram feed as well!

    Fashion And Travel

  14. Munni


    Awesome blog. I would like to buy a sponsored post on your blog. Could you make any offer to me? If yes, please let me know more details.


  15. Perse

    Beautiful outfit, definitely have to agree with your list!

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