Hey guys! A lot of you have asked for hair tutorials and I promise they are coming soon but first I wanted to start with the basics of haircare. No matter how much time you spend on an amazing hairstyle, nothing ruins it faster than a dry scalp, so it’s important to take care of your scalp like you would your face or any other part of your body. After all, a well-nourished scalp is an essential foundation for strong, beautiful hair. Utah is already known for its dry climate and when you add the winter weather to it, I’ve seen it take its toll on my scalp. And we all know what an untreated dry scalp leads to – those embarrassing flakes.

The best hair always starts with your shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using the CLEAR Complete Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & ConditionerI never use shampoo without conditioner because I want my hair to feel soft and full and since CLEAR addresses scalp issues too you don’t have to sacrifice great hair to get rid of those annoying flakes. Together it leaves your hair silky and smooth- a perfect starting point for everything from a messy, effortless top knot to full curls. I also love the way it smells. I’ve always been a sucker for products with mint and cucumber. I just love that fresh clean feel and smell. CLEAR’s line targets all kinds of hair and scalp issues – you can find more of their collection here.

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Clear Hair Care.

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  1. Anna Clarke

    YES! So often when trying to treat a scalp, you sacrifice the rest of your hair with not-the-best-shampoo and it generally does not have the most pleasant of smells. Thanks for introducing a brand offers a win-win-win solution! Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!

    -xx Anna Clarke Blog

  2. Jade

    I’ll have to try it! love anything with mint <3

  3. Lauren

    Sounds like a great product. Will have to look for something similar in the UK bcos dry scalps are the worst for dark hair! x

  4. allison bell

    I randomly came across your blog and I am obsessed! I don’t put fashion on my blog but I look to you for my fashion inspiration! You also have the best hair so I can’t wait for hair tutorial post! I’m still trying to find the perfect distressed denim (it’s hard to order without trying on!) but the ones you’ve been wearing look great.

  5. Rachel

    My skin and hair are both so oily that this has never been an issue for me, but I have heard great things about this stuff!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Sara Kate

    Ugh. I constantly struggle with having a dry scalp, but I get tired of using the same product every time. Thanks for sharing.

    Sara Kate Styling

  7. Jackie

    I recently started using the exact same shampoo. It smells great and works well.

  8. Laura

    Lovely photos! I do wish more American bloggers also but “(ad)” at the end of a title when it’s sponsored. I might be wrong in this case, just guessing it is! I’d still read them, and ironically I do think it helps the content seem more genuine versus when you have to wait until the end to find out, kinda left feeling duped!

    That photo including the dog is so darling!


  9. Serein

    I use to use Clear and found it to really help with my scalp health. Will need to pick it up soon.

  10. Marcelyn Heuett

    Thanks so much for this post! I have had horrible dandruff with the weather. I got the Clear shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and it left my hair and scalp so so soft!

  11. Karine

    Hi, do you often wear hair extention? or it is your real hair? thank you

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