Anyone that knows me well knows that I am late a lot. I seriously try all the time to make it my new goal to be on time but after a couple weeks I’m still somehow always late! Cody is a lot better about being on time so hopefully sooner or later his timeliness rubs off on me! When your rushing out the door, trying to chase your kids from those mornings when you decided to hit the snooze a few too many times or those date nights when you only have a few minutes to freshen up after work, fast hair styles are essential. The messy bun and half-knot are some of my everyday favorites, but it’s always fun to have a few more styles on back up to switch up your hair game. I always like the messy looks the most, so I tried my hand at a few of new messy styles that are the perfect solution for that second-day hair when you only have a few minutes to get out the door.


First step is getting rid of the those greasy roots! I used Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist to tame my 3 day unwashed hair.

Knotted Pony:

Section your hair into two pieces and use each section to tie a knot with your hair. Knot as many times as you want depending on length and secure with a clear elastic or large bobby pin. It’s easy for ends to slip out so I used the Nexxus Volumizing Hair Whip to run through the ends so they piece together more and help stay in.

Low Knot:

This look is basically taking the knot pony one step farther and  pining up the remaining hair from the pony with a bobby pin under the knot bun.

Messy Bun:

My tried and true hairstyle you probably see me in the most on my blog besides when I wear my hair down. Believe it or knot, a good messy bun takes practice! You can find my tutorial for perfecting my messy bun here (hint – a thick hair tie and a lot of texture is key!)

Low Messy Pony:

Just like top knots, no two messy ponys are the same. I love the piecey, easy look of a low pony. I back comb the middle for volume.

Low loose knot:

Start with a low ponytail and fold the bottom half of the strand underneath and secure it with an elastic. For a messy, piecey effect, loosen a few strands with a fine tooth comb. Keep a strand toward the front of your face separate, and wrap it loosely around your elastic and secure with a bobby pin. Since this hair style is a loose messy look, I like to secure with Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist to help secure the loose pieces from coming undone.

Low Braid:

There’s nothing prettier than a thick braid! Use a volumizing product and hair spray and pull at the strands after you secure it so it has that loose “lived in” look to create more volume.

What are some of your favorite quick and easy hairstyles?


XX, Christine

*This post was sponsored by Nexxus New York Hair Salon. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Giada

    I love the first look! Even if I usually opt for a ponytail when I’m late (every time :D)

    Glam Observer

  2. Pamela

    OMG! You even look beautiful rushing to get ready 🙂

  3. Raegan

    Loved this and also want to know where this shirt is from!

  4. Regan

    Where is this shirt from?? I’m obsessed!

  5. Polly

    I’ve never tried Nexxus dry shampoo before but that’s something I’d like to look into. Also, I love messy buns! They’re so easy and effortless!


  6. Jess

    I love this post! Will definitely be trying a few of these for when I go back to work soon 🙂 xx

    Jess | Jess in Retrospect

  7. Stephanie

    Is that a Cartier watch?? If not, what kind??

  8. Olivia

    I am definitely going to save this post and try these out sometime soon (when I have the time to make sure I don’t totally fail at it, haha!) I’m constantly running late aka hitting snooze too many times, and it looks like my hair will actually be long enough to do these. Thanks for sharing!


  9. ann

    your hair always looks amazing! thanks for sharing these tips 🙂 also your shirt! i love it, can you tell us where it’s from?? Thank you!

  10. Eleanor

    Messy bun is the best. I am still trying to get the hang of it so that it doesn’t look “done”

  11. Cinddie

    They all look great on you, but I love the low loose knot best! I always have no idea what to do with my hair, thanks for sharing these tips!

    xoxo, Cinddie

  12. Peppermint Dolly

    These are so great, especially as you have about the same length hair as me, which means I can actually do all of these styles too – hurrays!


  13. Shloka

    These are all so cool and such lovely alternatives to just the simple pony tail! I really want to try the low loose bun – it’s so refined and elegant yet so easy!


  14. Dana Andersen

    These styles are all so cute! Will definitely have to attempt to modify them for my super long hair!

  15. Mary Ko

    Where is that colorful striped shirt from?? Love your hair!

  16. Alli

    I love these hair styles! I get sick of wearing my hair either down or in a pony tail everyday. These are some good options to mix it up!

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