Easy Shopping With Kids

The kids’ favorite part of the boxes were these jackets! They give you a sheet of patches and pins and they got to design their own jacket. Mara and Wes are super artsy and their favorite thing to do is craft so they were so excited to make them!

Beckam on the other hand kept trying to stick them to his leg lol.

How cute are these? The icecream pin was my favorite!

I love shopping for the kids, but are there any other moms that dread taking all their kids to the mall together?  If I have just one (especially if it’s Mara cause she’s a little shopper 🙂 I’m good – it’s fun to pick out pieces together – but when it’s all three I bring a bag full of snacks for bribery and electronics to try to distract them so they last longer than 20 minutes lol. It’s not long before they are all running around or melting down asking “Can we go yet?”. If you’ve figured out the secret to shopping with kids let me know! 😉

Needless to say pretty much 90% of my shopping for the kids I do online. It seems like every store has their specific strengths – one is my go-to for kids denim, another I can always count on for great t-shirts – but I always end up having to place multiple orders all over. My friend told me about Rockets of Awesome: a kid’s clothing subscription box. We tried it out for the first time and I love it! The subscription is sent out 4 times a year with 8-12 pieces (all the pieces average around $20) that are a good core wardrobe starter for each season. It’s a great starter so you can just fill in with a pair of shoes of coat or those last few items you need for the season.

Mara’s box was a home run. Every piece she got she loved and was so excited to hang in her closet! (We’ve started a star chart on how many days they can keep their closet clean because somehow their room is always a disaster with clothes so she is so good about staying organized now!) About half of the stuff we got for Wes worked –  a couple things were too small so we are exchanging for a few other pieces we are picking out together.  He LOVED the athletic shorts and shirts. They are super soft and feel like the dri-fit material. He wore the shirt two days in a row. 🙂

The kids are so excited to see what their next box holds. You can fill out a quiz about your kids’ style online to make sure they nail his/her taste. For those pieces that didn’t work out, it was super easy to exchange and send back. It’s a free service(with free shipping and returns, no styling fee, and they include a label in the box so there’s no hassle and you just pay for the pieces you keep. You’ll have to let me know what you guys think!

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Rockets of Awesome.


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  1. Lu S

    I don’t have kids but this sounds like a great idea!

    lu | coco & louis

  2. Jessica

    Oh my goodness, those jackets are SO cute! The little unicorn pin was adorable. I can’t wait till I have kids to bring with me, hoping you’ll have figured out by then the secret so you can help me out when the time comes! Haha

    xo, jess

  3. Laura

    Where are the shoes from that you are wearing in this post?

  4. Mollie Moon

    This is so so genius!!! Shopping with one is hard let along three!

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