Costa Rica Date Night

In case you missed it on social – we were in Costa Rica last week with the family and part of Cody’s family. The first couple days of vacation it’s really hard for me to shut off work and stop checking emails so Cody and I set aside a night to make us both slow down a little bit. We loved the view where we were staying so we decided to take advantage of the property and spend the night in for a date night.

Seriously the yummiest smelling shampoo and conditioner!!

One of my favorite parts of the house was the outdoor shower. It was around 100· the whole time so we couldn’t stand being away from the water too long. Every night we would come back from the beach, shower outside, and watch the sunset. The views were like nothing else I had ever seen before! I left this Garnier Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner at the outside shower and by the end of the trip I had converted everyone on the trip. We were all so obsessed with the coconut smell and couldn’t get enough of it! I’m a huge scent person and I know it sounds silly but having that coconut scent on our trip really made it feel that much more beachy. Even after you blow dry your hair you can still smell the coconut. With back-to-back beach days and dipping in the pool, my hair was really dry from all the chlorine and salt water. It was also humid so my baby hairs would frizz like crazy! The coconut oil and cocoa butter really helped tame by crazies. The coconut smell set the tone for a relaxing date night with Cody and this smoothing oil was also a lifesaver when I attempted to get ready.

The date itself was such a memorable one! We had a chef come make dinner and everything was so good. The stuffed avocado was amazing! I’ve had a hard time with seafood ever since I was pregnant with Beckam, but for the first time since before B was born I actually enjoyed the shrimp – it was prepared so well! The coconut ice cream was so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat it. After dinner we got massages on the back patio looking out over the ocean and it was probably the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had.  The house’s music system was set up to play outside so we had peaceful massage music echoing outside with the scenery looking our over the water – I can’t even describe it but it was the most relaxing massage and it really helped set the mood for the rest of the trip!

I’ll be sharing a round up from the rest of our trip next week so stay tuned! What are some of your favorite ways to unwind and relax on vacation?


XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Garnier USA

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  1. Jade

    Such a good idea! So pretty!

  2. Anna

    That outdoor shower looks amazing, I can only imagine how it is having such a beautiful view while washing up.. Also, love how happy you look in all of these photos! Warmest greetings from Helsinki! xx Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! It was seriously amazing, I’m pretty sure 90% of the time we were all getting in the pool, ocean or the shower haha

    1. Thanks Brett! It was honestly one of the prettiest places we have ever stayed, the pool was definitely one of the best features! Xx

  3. Michelle Johnson

    Love the photos! Looks so dreamy! A massage is definitely my fave way to relax on vacay!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Massages are the best! I think everyone should start off vacation with a massage, it just totally sets the mood 🙂

  4. faye

    can u link where this was at? was it an air B and B?

  5. Cassandra Ann

    This looks so romantic! Do you hire a photographer from the city or do you bring one with you? These shots are amazing!

    Cassandra Ann</a

    1. Thanks Latisha! It was the perfect casual but gorgeous look for a fun date night! Seriously loved it as an alternative to a dress! Xx

  6. Caitlin

    WOW! Everything about this post is so pretty…the outdoor shower is so nice. I love the pics you took of you in the dress in the shallow pool. So pretty! Looks like a beautiful vacation 🙂

  7. Maya

    Simply stunning. You guys have such a wonderful energy together! Love seeing you so happy and such wonderul images. Great post! Xo Maya

  8. Rachel eudaley

    Such a cute idea!! What hotel/resort did you guys stay in?? Trying to plan a trip 🙂 thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      We didn’t stay at a hotel we rented a home through Luxury Retreats 🙂 We loved it!

  9. Jaye

    This place looks amazing! We’re planning our next family holiday and I had to show my mum the shots of you in the pool to give some ideas about places I want to stay!!

    Jaye x
    The Life of JP

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