Going through these pictures and all I can think about it when we can get back to Paris! Ah it’s such a magical city. We collabed with The Peninsula Paris and it was seriously the prettiest hotel I’ve stayed in in Europe! I’m working on a full post of what we did and just finished a blog of our trip so that will all be coming in the next week 🙂 So with that I wanted to share 7 reasons you need to stay at the Peninsula next time you are in Paris!

1. Location, location, location: There’s soooo much to see and do in Paris that it would take a thousand visits to see even half of it. You always have to be strategic about where you stay since the city is so big. The Peninsula is right by the Arc de Triomphe (.2 miles), close to the Champs-Élysées and all the iconic shopping, and a quick cab ride to the Eiffel Tower (1.2 miles). It’s such a great location so you can take advantage of every minute in the city.

We checked in right at sunset and was so excited to catch the pretty pastel sunset from our balcony. (FLORAL PRINT DRESS)

2. The large balconies and views: Ah, I will never get tired of Parisian balconies with a view. The architecture everywhere in the city is so unreal. There isn’t a single ugly building (except maybe the random skyscraper or two, just because it feels so out of place haha). The Peninsula had such the perfect view of Paris and you can also go up to the restaurant on the 6th floor for a view overlooking the city with the Eiffel Tower!

3. The food: What is Paris with out yummy food!! We ate a lot of cute restaurants, but sometimes we were jet lagged or so tired from walking around we just wanted to be low key and relax at the hotel. One morning we got room service – fresh fruit, waffles, fresh fruit juice, pastries. All so good but my favorite was hands down the granola and yogurt with honey. You HAVE to try it if you stay at The Peninsula. The yogurt was the best I’ve ever had. We also heard amazing things about L’Oiseau Blanc (the restaurant at the top of the hotel with a breathtaking view of the city) and LiLi, the Chinese restaurant at the hotel. We tried to get reservations last minute for Lili on a Friday night which didn’t work out for us, (definitely book in advance when you go 😉 but we ordered LiLi room service and it was some of the best Chinese I’ve had. I would never have thought Paris would be the place to order Cantonese/Chinese, but it’s definitely a must-try (order the fried rice and the beef tenderloin)!

4. The bathrooms – The bathroom was another one of my favorite features, pictures don’t do justice. You guys know what a bath girl I am, I take one almost every night!!  But how amazing are they when your traveling – especially when you  spend all day on my feet!  This one even had a tv built in in next to it so you could watch movies while you relaxed. I could have spent hours soaking! So good. This one had amazing lighting too and this might be weird, but the toilet seats were heated and I think it’s one of those features that once you find out it exists, you never want to go back.


5. The walk-in closet: You guys know I’m a chronic over-packer, but this trip I think if anything I under packed! I was definitely digging into the bottom of my suitcase on the last day. The closet at The Peninsula was insane. It was bigger than my closet at home! Maybe my favorite part of the room haha. It was so big – gave me major home inspo! I loved the extra room to be able to spread out and not have my suitcases in the way.The closet literally turned into my office in the middle of the night when I couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know why this trip I had the hardest time adjusting to the time difference! I also get major inspiration when I travel and I think I was just so excited on the high of Paris that I was really excited to knock out work stuff at night. But why my friends were sleeping I would sneak into the closet which became my office haha and work through the night. This is a 6am selfie after a long night of brainstorming 😉

6. The gym: The fitness center is open 24 hours a day, so if you haven’t quite adjusted to the time difference you can hit the gym while everyone else is still (or already) asleep. Also, I didn’t try this service but they have a personal coaching session available in the mornings and evenings if you want to try something new.


7. The service! I can’t go without mentioning how helpful everyone was at the hotel. When you called and asked for blankets or anything they would bring it within just minutes. You know sometimes at other hotels it takes like 45 minutes to get an extra pillow or blanket, its the worst! Here they would respond so fast!!  The entire staff went out of their way to say hello or see if there was anything they could help with – it made the entire experience that much more magical.


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XX, Christine

*Big thank you to The Peninsula Paris for hosting us! I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Tabitha

    Such pretty photos! I love everything Paris, and this is a dream vacation for me. All your outfits are fabulous and I love everything about this post.


  2. Jana McKay

    Nice post and adorable pictures. But this is an un-affordable place to stay for a family of four that is not even poor 🙁

  3. Elizabeth

    This hotel looks sooo pretty! Loving all of these gorgeous photos! <3 🙂 And yessss I agree bathrooms are always one of my favorite features at any place I stay!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. stefania Paulette

    Gotta love ParisQ

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