Love the sheer detail on this bralette! (Under $30 – comes in lots of colors.)


Somebody asked me the other day how my style has changed and it made me stop and think! The first year or two of my blog I look back on a lot of my outfits and laugh – those were definitely the years I was finding my aesthetic, haha. The next couple years I pretty much lived in heels (even while I was pregnant with Beckam). My style was always pretty feminine, put together, and colorful. Now looking back, I feel like my style has continued evolving. Motherhood has shaped and changed my style. Now I would say:

1. Neutral Takeover: My closet used to look like a full rainbow. From clothes, to bags, to shoes, I was always drawn to bright colors. Now I gravitate towards neutrals – they are a lot more versatile so you get more wear out of them and they are a lot easier to mix and match. Don’t get me wrong, I still love color! But I usually stick to a lot of soft shades or pastels and only a few bright statement pieces.

2. Mixing High and Low End Pieces: This is one way I think most people’s style will evolve, at one point of another. My first outfit posts were all budget finds since Cody and I had just gotten married and were trying to save as much as possible. Once my clothing line and blog started to grow, I found myself splurging more and I eventually learned which pieces you should splurge or save on. Now I incorporate a mix of high-end and budget-friendly pieces and feel like I really get the most out of my pieces.

3. Comfort always wins: Growing up, I was the biggest tomboy! I think along the way once the blog became such a big part of my life, I started trading in my sneakers and sweats for stilettos and skirts. Recently I feel like I’ve reverted back to a laid back style, so it’s a balance of both comfort and fashion. At home I am always in my loungewear. Jockey just launched their Cotton Allure collection exclusively at Macy’s and they are so lightweight and comfortable. I usually hate to wear bras but I’m obsessed with their bralette! (Also love the pretty satin waistband on the bralettes and bottoms!)ย  The whole collection has that barely-there fit, they are really comfy whether you are dressed up for the day or lounging at home.

Below are a few more comfortable and classic loungewear pieces from the Jockey Cotton Allure collection. I’m obsessed with their classic collection and love the feminine silhouette of the new line – what do you guys think?

XX, Christine

*Sponsored Byย Macy’sย And ShopStyle.

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  1. Erin

    Love that bralette! What does your tattoo mean?

  2. KELLY

    ugh, another sponsored post : (

  3. Angela Williams

    Can you tell me where you purchased those photo frames? Thx

    1. Hi Angela! My husband actually made these frames for me for Mother’s Day a couple years ago. It’s one of my favorite gifts ever! I think he just got the frames from Hobby Lobby but he pasted every picture in individually. Hope that helps! XX

  4. Angela Williams

    Not sure if the other comment went through, but can you tell me where you purchased those picture frames? Thx

  5. Tabitha

    Great post! It’s so cool to see how your style has evolved. I agree that comfort and neutrals are king to a good wardrobe. I would love to hear more about your early blogging days!


  6. Elizabeth T.

    Loved reading about your style evolution! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚ Ever since I started my blog, my style has definitely changed too, and I love how it's made me not only more selective, but also more aware of what looks good on my body!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  7. Allison Harbaugh

    Hi!! Where is the cardigan from? Been looking for one and that is exactly what I have been picturing!

  8. Beth

    Where did you get the picture frames on your walls?

    1. Hi Beth! Cody actually made them for me for Mother’s Day. He pasted each of the pictures individually, but the frames themselves are just full size frames – I think from Hobby Lobby. XX

  9. Janine

    Lovely post! I’ve only been following you since a few Weeks actually, but I still found this interesting! Can not Quote believe you Werke a tomboy growing up!:D I wish you would have included some before pictures that would have been fun!
    Xx, Janine

  10. Jenna

    Great post! Iโ€™m loving those slippers! Where are they from?

  11. kim radke

    Do you have a link for the shorts and sweater?

  12. emma

    I think it is great how your style has changed because we are all human and will adapt.

  13. Marcy

    Love this post and your comfy look. Where are your glasses from? They are hot!

  14. Madeline Chosich

    I’m in love with your blog! Hoping to use it for inspiration to my site:

  15. weekendsale

    wow, beautiful girl

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