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House Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a house update on the blog! I’m always sharing updates on Instagram, but thought it was long overdue to put share some updates here 🙂

Now all our flooring is covered while they work on the other parts of the house. This is our living room (and partial dining room) view. One of the things we really stressed when we were designing this house was we wanted as much natural light as possible. Cody and I both love windows and the energy of a bright space so we maximized as much windows as possible.

Kitchen Views – we wanted lots of open shelving

Last weekend was the first time I’ve noticed this angle, and I’m so in love with all the windows you see from here.

They are about 75% done with cabinets. These are the lockers for the kids backpacks and coats when you come in from the garage. That is one of my biggest pet peeves right now we have a really small closet at our rental, and when the kids come home from school everything just gets thrown at our entry way especially during the winter with coats, so I am really excited about these with lots of storage so we don’t have that mess.

This is going to be my little home office! Obsessed with the skinny herringbone we did in here 😍

Downstairs family room – before we added the tile benches.

These tile benches are one of my favorite details of the whole house! They look down to the sports court area on the lower level. Im so excited to put cute pillows on them! A bunch of you were asking about tile details. They are handmade ceramic tiles. I got them here.

There are so many details I would have never noticed before building, but now I get excited about every little thing. I love all the lines with the window surroundings and trim.

We are doing a wood tile in our master bathroom. Can you guys tell how much I love Herringbone 🙂

A peak at our shower flooring next to our wood tile floors. How pretty are these little 1×1’s from Bedrosians.

My flash kind of made the color blues seem really different in the pic above (with flash) and below (no flash) but I wanted a pop of color somewhere, and love this tile we’re putting down in our laundry room. It’s the prettiest blue!

So right now we are hoping, REALLY HOPING, to make it in before Christmas. Cody thinks it will be Valentines Day and I’m praying for Christmas haha so we will see. Fingers Crossed! I’m REALLY excited for the space and what it will be, but I also don’t want to sugar coat it and act like it hasn’t been stressful, that Cody and I haven’t fought about decisions along the way, or had hiccups in this whole process. I think honestly I just had no idea how many little decisions went into this process. Also I am a crazy detail oriented person when it comes to even the smallest details on how I want something to look. If I could give any piece of advice I would say if you have never built a home (this is our first time and we had zero experience) and are doing everything 100% custom, realize it is 100% a part time to full time job. I think if we were to do it over, I almost wish we would have done one of the subdivision homes where they only give you limited amount of options so I could learn the process for my first time, and then do 100% custom the second time around where I know more about the details and how long things take. I know we will love the home so much once its done. I want it to be a place the kids have so many memories of and consider the “house they grew up in”. My family was in town a couple weeks ago and my parents pulled up the house I grew up in in elementary/middle school in Washington, and I had soooo many memories. I can’t wait to make this that special place with the kids.

I’ll be better at posting more updates a long the way now as we reach the home stretch – is there anything else specific you guys want to see?

XX, Christine


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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! I’m so excited for your new home. As someone who’s moved into three different house (we were building all of them) I understand the struggle. I can’t wait to see the final touches!


  2. Audrey

    I LOVE the bench details! That tile is iso amazing and I love the herringbone you did in certain spots! I can’t wait to see how you decorate!

  3. Janine

    SO exciting!! Your house looks absolutely breathtaking, I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be once it is fully furnished! All those windows are sooo gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    xx Janine

  4. Ella

    Congratulations might sound odd here, but I’m going to say it anyway- congratulations! I don’t even know you but I’m so happy for you. Your home is going to be so beautiful when it’s all finished and furnished. I think it’s very telling of your character that you can’t wait to make it a very special home for your kids. I look forward to seeing the grand reveal. Good luck with the remainder of the process, I hope it all goes smoothly.

  5. Elizabeth T.

    Aww I can’t wait to see how it looks once everything is done <3 🙂 And yesss, it'll be amazing for the kids to always look back on this house as the place they grew up in!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  6. CC

    I absolutely LOVE the house!!! Can’t wait for more updates, your blog brightens my day:))))

  7. Erin B

    So nice! Can’t wait to see it finished and all the details and personal touches you decorate with! Also can’t wait to see what I assume will be a dream goal bedroom closet!

  8. Naman Modi

    Thanks for this detailed piece of information! I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

  9. sarah g

    how did you decide where to do black windows and where to do white windows?!

  10. ANgela

    Wanting a mushroom just like the one you created. Would LOVE the source for the cabinet.

    1. Hi Angela! We had our cabinets/shelves done by Marwood Design – hope that helps! XX, Christine

  11. Rachel

    Beautiful home! Can you tell me what brand your windows are? We are in the process of picking out finishes for our home.

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