9 Reasons to Stay at The Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui


Hi guys! TGGGGIF! A bunch of you have been dm-ing me asking for details on our trip so I wanted to put together details on our stay. Putting this travel guide together is making me MISS the beach!  I’m excited to share a few more pictures of our trip, along with 8 reasons why we loved staying at the Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui


1. Breakfast of Champions: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the breakfast at The Cane & Canoe restaurant was as delicious as it looks! Our server recommended the pog juice (passion fruit – orange – guava) and I almost turned it down for my favorite fresh-squeezed orange juice, but I’m so glad I didn’t! The pog juice was delicious – definitely try it when you get a chance! The mini muffins were a close second – yum! I went back every morning and got them as a morning snack even the days we went off property to eat 😉 



2. Spacious Rooms: The suites are really large and perfect for families! We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite with  Cody’s brother and his family. It’s so perfect for family trips!  The room had a full kitchen so you can cook/prepare meals instead of eating out every meal. It also has a full washer and dryer which comes in handy after a few family trips to the beach. The balconies are also amaaaaazing they have tons of places to sit with a super comfy oversized chair and half you can cuddle with the fam and a table and chairs to eat dinner or play games.  We would just sit and enjoy the view every night! All of the rooms are ocean-facing so you have beautiful views wherever you are at which is pretty unique for properties.

The view from the spa!

Before and After at the spa – such a cool facial!

3. The Spa: The views at the spa are insane! Cody and his brother still love to work out even when were on vacation, and they said the facilities were really nice. I go for more of the R&R approach 😉 I had the Valmont North America masterpiece facial and it was heaven. I always try to pack face masks on trips because traveling wreaks havoc on your skin, but obviously I would take a spa facial over a sheet mask any day haha. They do multiple masks on your skin so you leave GLOWING! One of the masks during the facial is called the ‘Cinderella mask’ because it just makes your skin beautiful and I was really excited for the collagen mask – it’s a medical grade collagen mask so it has instant plumping and fullness. Seriously so good! You have to try it if you have a chance to visit the spa. Also the view from the spa was all the heart eyes.

4. Always thinking of the kids. One of my favorite things about the Montage is they really cater to kids. We’ve stayed at a couple of their properties around the US and they always appeal to the kids to much. They give them free stuffed animals, Beckam still has his shark, and picked out one for Mara and Wes. They also do this merit badge program for the kids! They can earn different badges for activities like seeing wildlife, learning how to hula, going to a luau, all sorts of different things. Beckam was set on getting as many as he could and he would carry his paper with his badges around all day. We brought them home and he wants to put them on his backpack now 🙂 Another hit with the kids is the koi pod. Beckam loved getting to feed the fish in the Koi pond – he remembered it from last time we came to the Montage for lunch and was so excited to be able to do it again while we stayed here this time!

5. Cliff Jumping: Cody is always looking for his next chance to do something crazy! Last time we were here I did it too, so ladies get brave it’s not that bad! I was just paranoid with being pregnant doing anything extreme. But this is a super close walk from the resort, maybe 5 minutes, and the water is so clear and crystal blue!  Even Beckam jumped! Proud/terrifying mama moment! Haha. 


6. The Grounds and Gardens. I am a sucker for flowers it’s no joke, the whole property at the Montage is covered with the most gorgeous flowers! and gardens! I was stopping every couple minutes so excited about the flowers haha. 

7.  Easy Beach access and Whale Watching: Walking around the property in the early morning, you could see whales! They have access to a beach that is a 1 minute walk. Everyone we talked to said its some of the best snorkeling! We didn’t make it snorkeling but have it on our list for next time!

The pool area is so nice they have lots of padded lounge chairs, umbrellas, and the big chair and half that you fit with a couple people, and it’s not over crowded. There is nothing worse than when you feel so claustrophobic at the pool jammed with people. It was peak season, full occupancy during Spring Break and you didn’t feel crowded at all. 

One of my favorite pictures of B, I didn’t say pose like this or relax on the floaty or anything I just looked over and he had his arms up like this with his eyes closed I could not stop laughing! They also have a large shallow area for the kids, Beckam made instant friends with other kids staying and they would play catch for hours!


8. We’ve never met a beach in Hawaii that we didn’t like, but when it comes to pools these ones were so beautiful! We always bounce back and forth between the pool and the beach and the Montage Kapalua has an amazing pool area, complete with multiple different pools, tons of places for kids to play (including mini waterfalls!).

9. The views. When you first walk into the resort the view literally takes your breath away (I’m so mad I took like 4 videos of it but didn’t get a picture 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️). Every person that walks in pauses, and especially at sunset its unreal. Make a point to go down to the beach or the lawn at sunset, it’s so beautiful!  

Now that I’m reliving it I’m ready to go back, haha! Do you guys have any fun beach trips coming up?



XX, Christine

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  1. Janine

    You look absolutely gorgeous and so does this resort!! I am heavily craving a beach vacation right now haha! Sounds like you had an amazing trip there!

    xx Janine

  2. Brittany d

    We LOVE the Montage @ Kapalua Bay! The food is so good. They left us cookies in the fridge and flowers on our pillows. My kids loved collecting the pins and learning how to make lei’s. Every time my daughter sees a fern she picks it to make a lei lol. If you got the waffles, the little bottles of Sugar Man Syrup were always warm and so so good! We are headed up North to NY and VT, and of course we will be stopping at the Sugar Man Syrup Company to get more syrup!!! 🙂 The poolside food is so good too, and the fresh fruit was my favorite. Glad you had a good time! Don’t know how you managed pictures without people in it! When we went it was more crowded.

  3. Simon Brocher Köln

    you’re photos are great make me want to visit Maui! thank you for sharing it and the recommendations! keep up the good work.

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