Nighttime routines are one of my favorite times of the day, especially when we have Mara and Wes. Beckam always gets so excited when they are home and wants to do everything with them!  Even our routine moments are automatically 10x more fun with Mara and Wes here.

We got a bunch of Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrushes from Costco and the kids all got to choose their own color.  These brushes, toothpaste, and floss are all available at Costco. They are running a deal – $4 off for toothpaste and floss each and $5 off these toothbrushes from now through June 16th so grab them on sale! Costco is our one-stop shop for pretty much everything we need on a daily basis!

You know sometimes when you are doing something, and the kids are in complete chaos, and then time almost freezes, the kids are laughing so hard, and you realize you are watching memories you don’t want to forget. It’s not always the grand moments of memorable vacations or big occasions that stick with you, but sometimes it’s those small, repetitive moments and routines that you might take for granted. Sometimes I catch myself rushing them to bed and getting everyone ready, that I miss how silly they are being. They other day they were laughing SO hard making the silliest faces and stories as they brushed their teeth. Beckam pretended he was flossing his teeth with Wes’ “stink tutes” – yes so gross, and 95% of the time I’m like, guys stop using potty words, but they were almost crying they were laughing so hard so I just sat back and laughed. And it hit me, these are my favorite moments, the little moments every day that bring us all together.

What are some mom moments that you think are underrated? Would love to hear!

XX, Christine

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  1. Ruth Josey

    The candid photos are awesome – what a gorgeous family you have and they look like a lot of fun. You say you take those moments for granted but it looks like you’re cherishing every moment.


  2. Elizabeth T.

    Aww they’re all sooo adorable <3 🙂 Love these precious photos!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

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