3rd Trimester! 5 Things Update

Love this bra! So comfortable and the perfect mix between bra and bralette.

Also these boxers – so soft and I love the color!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 things post, so here we go. ❤️

  1. I’m officially in my third trimester! 💫The first trimester was rough, second trimester honestly just felt really up and down – I was emotional and not myself. The end of the second trimester and beginning of my third, I have been loving! I definitely feel very pregnant, but I love feeling the baby kick. I kind of know what to expect when I’m going to get heartburn and when my back will start hurting, but I’ve just felt connected these last couple weeks, more so than the rest of my pregnancy. I’m loving this stage right now!
  2. I watched season 3 of Stranger Things and fell asleep in almost every other episode. I loooved the first two seasons but felt like this season they had too many things going on and it felt more depressing. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. I’m in a major nesting phase. I really love being home right now!
  4. As I get ready for baby to come, I’ve been wanting to stock up on comfy clothes Especially because I’m due in the fall, I know we will be hibernating more. A lot of my old loungewear and bras are too small so I ordered a few new bras from Jockey (I have like 3 off their sports bras and love them!) They are so comfortable. They are from the Jockey Forever Fit Collection and all of the pieces in the collection have the support of a bra but all the comfort of a bralette. They all have a stretchy infinity underband and are wire-free like bralettes, but they also have the hook and eye closure like a standard bra so you can get the perfect fit. I got this one in white and also love this teal option. Also have to mention these grey sweats I got too because they are the softest, comfiest thing every. Probably going to be living in those.
  5. I keep waking up in the middle of the night craving pancakes. Especially McDonald’s pancakes 🥞but I haven’t had any weird pregnancy cravings, like random things paired together like they talk about in movies – I haven’t experienced this with either of my pregnancies actually. Did you guys?

Below are a few more of my favorite loungewear pieces from Jockey that have been getting me through my 3rd trimester:

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Jockey.

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  1. Kimberly Windsor

    Hey fellow Pregnant lady. This is my second pregancy and it’s so different than the first one! I am sick as a dog and have been for the first month, way more tired and hormonal and have awful acne! Hoping to get to a better phase soon! So for weird cravings, mine have been air heads, skittles, and jelly rancher candies. I sent hubs out late night for those. Only other obvious craving is fresh pineapple! Can’t get enough! Thanks for the comfy clothes recommendations and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy journey! Xoxo

  2. Elizabeth T.

    Can’t believe it’s the third trimester already! In love with these precious photos!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

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