Ollie LOVES the bath. I can’t handle that face! And how is he getting so big already!!

He is so, so observant, when he’s awake he just stares into your eyes. I love the way he just looks up at me or Cody.

These have been my favorite baby bath products, I used the aveeno and noodle and boo on Beckam when he was little and  love them. Hello Bello is a newer line but their stuff is plant based and has worked good on my kids sensitive skin.

Ollie has SO MUCH hair, I LOVE IT! It’s so dark too, I’m always curious if it will stay dark or turn light like Beckam’s. He’s started to loose some of his baby hair already though – makes me sad 🙁

I love this picture because I don’t have any of Beckam with his cute little newborn cry and I love all their little expressions happy and “hangry” 😉


First blog post with Baby Ollie!! Ollie loves the bath now and I love that time with him. I can’t believe how big he is already getting! Beckam always loved playing in the bath  – it was genuinely one of his favorite activities and he used to ask if he could take a bath in the middle of the day so he could play with his bath toys. But now that we are back in that newborn phase with Ollie, I’m relearning and re-remembering things that worked and didn’t work the first time around- so I wanted to share a few hacks and tips I’ve learned:

  1. Think ahead. To make it as seamless as possible, prep everything ahead of time! Baths require undivided attention, so you want to avoid having to leave the room for anything! Make sure you have all your bath productstowels, and diaper ready to go ahead of time. I love hooded towels for little ones because their head is really what controls so much of how “cold” they are so if you can wrap them up quick and keep their head warm it helps a lot! Love all the cute animal hooded towels!
  2. Make bath time as comfortable as possible. I bought the flower thing for the sink before Ollie was born and it made bath time really hard honestly. He HATED bath time. It fits well in the sink and maybe when he’s older and can sit in it, it will make more sense (It’s really plush and comfortable) but he would scream whenever we used it, so I got this one  where he can be propped up more at an angle and he LOVES  IT.  He never cries during bath time anymore except when we pull him out sometimes. Its NIGHT AND DAY difference. I can’t suggest that tub enough its completely changed our bath time and it’s under $20!  Another hack is to fill it up with water first and test the water temperature with your elbow to make sure it’s not too hot or cold once you add your little one.
  3. Emergency wipes. Chaos always seems to strike when you are least prepared (especially with boys pee can spray everywhere when they get out of the tub), so I’ve learned to have wipes within arms reach at all times if possible. 😂 I just got these shea butter wipes and love how moisturizing they are! They are from Walmart’s exclusive brand, Parents Choice, which has dermatologically tested products that are free from bleach, perfumes, etc. and it’s all great quality and at amazing price points.
  4. (On that same note…) Pay attention to your products. I have always had super sensitive skin and realized while Beckam was a baby that my babies would have the same issues, so I’m super picky about baby hygiene products I use. Luckily baby products are usually safer and they use more natural ingredients. I just got this Hello Bello baby oil for an extra dose of moisture (winters in Utah are brutally dry!). It’s extra sensitive and also plant-based (Also love their diapers!).  Noodle and Boo is another baby brand that works really well for sensitive skin snd their stuff smells so good!
  5. Stay put. Of course this one is a given, but it cannot be said enough, don’t leave your baby unattended under any circumstances. Nothing it worth the risk of getting distracted of giving your attention anywhere else!

Would love to know any other tips or hacks you have for newborn or baby bath time!

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Walmart.

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    So sweet!! What I really need to know is…where is that rug from?!

  2. Beatrice

    Toutes mes félicitations 🎈 pour la naissance de ce magnifique bébé 👶 bien cordialement

  3. Autumn murray

    Where did you get your rad rug? Thanks!

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