The Snoo: Yay or Nay?


Hi guys! After using the Snoo for the last few months,  to give a full review on our experience, pros and cons,  how it’s helped, what we learned along the way, and most importantly whether I think it’s worth the splurge. So keep reading to get my full review:

A rough start…

To be fully transparent, Ollie didn’t love the Snoo right off the bat. I had heard so many raving reviews, so I was surprised that he didn’t take to it immediately but after mentioning this on my stories, I got tons of DMs suggesting we swaddle Ollie before we put him in the sleeper sack, and that made all the difference! I had prior just been zipping him into the sleep sack and he had so much room to kick around, so once we swaddled him he loved being all cozy inside. He also has acid reflux and I found out that Snoo has risers that keep his head elevated to help with his reflux. Honestly those two changes were game changers and he loved it from then on!

My favorite features:

There are sooo many amazing features of the Snoo that you can read about here, but I just wanted to focus on a few that we used the most. It’s a smart sleeper, so it basically senses when your baby starts to cry and starts rocking. The more your baby fusses the faster it rocks and then once they settle down it weans them off the motion.  It’s seriously genius and helped soothe Ollie in his bassinet. It also has a built-in noise machine that automatically kicks in or adds more sounds when it senses the fussing.  It’s like having an extra set of hands – honestly so helpful! It can also track their sleep cycles with the app. We didn’t use the app but all my friends swear by it.

The biggest thing for me though was the safety. I don’t know if it’s the older I get I hear more sad stories about freak incidents, but I was extra on edge about SIDS or something happening. The Snoo is 1005 the safest sleeper on the market. It keeps your child on their back so they can’t roll and that brought me more sleep at night knowing I didn’t have to wake up and worry he had tolled over. (Also have to mention for my crappy half asleep nights of swaddling him, the velcro/zipper is a life saver to make up for my sloppy swaddles. ; It made it incredibly easy to get him cozy again without worrying about him wiggling out.)

The cons:

It’s not super portable. It’s pretty heavy – but we didn’t really need to move it from our room but it just prevented us from really moving it anywhere because of that and because it has to be plugged in so you need to stay close to an outlet.

We also had a little trouble connecting it to our phone – they sent us a WiFi extender but I honestly just never got around to connecting it which is laziness on my part and he was ok without having the app, so I just didn’t do it. A lot of my friends LOVE and swear by the app so maybe I’m missing out big time but I just got lazy.

Worth it?

The big question… is it worth the splurge? I work from home a lot of the time, and there were a number of times I was like wow, I’m able to do ____ because my hands are free while The Snoo rocks Ollie. Yes, that also left me feeling a little mom guilt sometimes too but it allowed me to get more done while at home which was huge for me.

The cost of the Snoo will obviously hit everyone’s budgets differently, so if you are in a position to splurge on something for baby, it’s a no brainer! (Especially if you are planning to have a few kids – it’s something you’ll use with every baby!) They also have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you try it and don’t love it you can ship it back at no cost to you! I think they know once you start using it you will instantly see the value in it like we did. They also have an amazing new option that you can rent the Snoo. Honestly I think it’s 100% worth the money whether you rent or buy. I will use it again if we have another and all my friends who have it love it too.

Have any of you guys used The Snoo before? I’m curious about your experience – whether your baby took to it immediately or you figured out what worked for your baby along the way. Let me know in the comments!

XX, Christine

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  1. Brittany

    The snoo came handy some of the times . When my son was 1-2 months I thought it rocked him way to hard when he started to cry , his little head would wobble so fast back and forth. We would have to stop the snoo., also the aggressive rocking would upset my son much more. We also had trouble connecting the snoo with WiFi and the app. I thought the snoo was great right when we put my son to bed it would help him fall asleep . I also breastfeed, my baby still gets up o eat every 2/3 hours and putting back in the sleep sack can be a pain when your half asleep then the baby gets up cause your trying to velcro him down and sip him up . My son is now 5 months and like: it less and less. The best of. having the snoo is the safety., I slept much better knowing he was secure.

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