Today I’m talking all things lashes! Everyone is trading in lash extensions for the long, natural looking lashes. Lash tints and lifts can go such a long way, but you can also fake the look at home! Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to get your dream lashes and how to get that perfect curl to stay all day:


The first step to picture perfect lashes starts with a good lash serum, especially if you’ve been using lash extensions or even if your natural lashes aren’t as long or thick. It will help give you an amazing canvas for gorgeous, natural-looking eyelashes. Like most habits, this one doesn’t happen overnight so stick with it! It will take time, but I fully believe in lash growth serums!


Next up: curl your lashes with a traditional mechanical lash curler on bare lashes before applying mascara. First, start at the roots of your lashes and pump the crimper a couple times. Then move halfway up towards the tips of your lashes and curl once more. If your lashes don’t fit into your eyelash curler at once, opt for a smaller, half lash curler. The key is to start this step with bare lashes to avoid clumping. 


Once you’ve curled your lashes, apply your favorite mascara – I love this one for a more affordable option, or this one for more of a splurge. Don’t be afraid to mix different mascaras! I’ve also heard amaaaaazing rave reviews about this one. Move the mascara to the base of your lashes and work from the bottom up to help keep your eyelashes curled. I like to use about two coats- more than once again can start to make them clumpy.


As the third step, use a metal (metal is key) eyelash brush to comb through the mascara on your lashes. This one is really affordable and I love that it’s an eyebrow brush duo too. Using a metal brush will help remove some excess mascara/clumping for a more natural finish. Start at the bottom of the lashes and work your way up for more definition to distribute the mascara evenly from root to tip.


So I recently found out, a heated lash curler is what really makes your eyelashes stay in place. Once your mascara dries, grab a heated lash curler (this one is super affordable) or use your hairdryer to heat up your manual curler for about 5 seconds. Make sure to test the curler on the back of your hand before you put it to your eye so you don’t burn yourself. Gently place the heated curler at the base of your lashes to get beautifully feathers lashes that will last all day!

Below are some other products to get the flawless, natural lash look:


XX, Christine

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