In March when COVID started to escalate and masks started to get more popular, I never thought they would end up being such a hot accessory. But 6 months later my collection of face masks is still growing, haha. So I wanted to share some of my favorites and why:


I added these masks to my cart on a whim and am so glad I did! They are a really flattering fit and super comfortable and I love the neutral color palette. They also have tons of color combo options from brights to neutrals. (Also love this set – slightly different cut but so pretty!)


I didn’t realize how nice having an adjustable face mask was until I got these from Bauble Bar. You don’t have to touch and adjust your mask as much throughout the day since it stays put a lot better when you can tighten/loosen the straps to fit perfectly. I will say these masks are a lot thicker than my other masks, so when its really hot it can be harder to breathe verse some of my other ones, but I feel like in the winter I will like having the thicker fabric. They also have these pretty seersucker striped masks – love all the colors!


I ordered a few of these for me and the kids. I love that they have matching options for adults and kids! The tie-dye masks are the kids’ favorites so we stocked up to them for back to school. They also come in tons of different color options.


Love these face masks – they are my personal fave! They are really comfortable and I love all the color palettes and prints they have. How pretty is this nude leopard print?! It also comes in this set with darker tones. These ones are Mara’s favorite too.


Am I the only one who actually loves the disposable medical face masks? I think they are the easiest to breathe in out of all the masks, probably because they are medical grade, so they know how to make them most comfortable. These pink ones are so cute – they also come in green, pink, and blue, and black. Love!

Below are some other face masks that I’m excited to try. Let me know if you guys have any favorites you recommend!

XX, Christine


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  1. Samantha Rittenberg

    My favs are the adjustable ones Athleta and this small business called Amelia George!! I’ve seen so many people talk about the masks you put as four:)

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