Love these hot pink biker shorts!


This year, instead of setting grand, lofty goals and New Years Resolutions, I realized that I respond better to smaller targets that I can cross off my to-do list every day, so instead of setting year-long resolutions I set mini, specific goals that I can hit daily. For January, instead of cutting out sugar entirely or committing to running 500 miles this year, I decided to commit to small things like drinking a half gallon of water and jump rope every day this month. I’ve honestly already missed a couple days but it’s nightttt and day difference to the minimal water I was doing before. It’s ok if we’re not perfect but I already notice the changes.

I love being able to check it off my list and it gives you momentum to keep it up, which I fully believe is one of the biggest forces that keep us progressing. That momentum of doing something, even something small, adds up to reaching a big goal. Have you guys ever tried hitting smaller goals instead of going big every year? What do you think!

XX, Christine


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  1. Keyanna Suddreth

    I love this! Small, realistic, attainable goals are always the way to go! Especially when it comes to health and fitness. Love those hot pink shorts- so fun!


  2. Jess

    I love JUMP ROPE! This is really one of the best things for losing weight, because with its help I get tired very quickly and begin to feel the muscles! But I still really want to buy myself a yoga mat, and the same cool shape as yours! You look just fine, I try to come up with the same beautiful figure! It seems to me that sport makes us not only healthier, but also happier) You can see it, you always just shine with happiness! Thank you for your sports inspiration! my website is

  3. Mackenzie

    My therapist actually got me to do this same thing and it completely transformed me. It was seriously crazy how much easier it made It to hit higher goals. I would definitely recommend doing this to everyone.

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