One of my favorite things to watch on TikTok is beauty/makeup videos. I have found SO many home runs from there. With so many new-to-me beauty products tempting me on Tiktok, I end up finding some I love and some that are just so-so for me so I wanted to see how some of these viral high-end, designer beauty products measure up. Sharing a full review video first and the going into a little more detail below.



4.5/5 Charlotte Tilbury’s palettes are everything! I just got this one in ‘Glowing Beauty’ and love all the colors together. It definitely deserves all the buzz it gets. PRO: this is the perfect palette for traveling. It has 3 eye colors, 3 face colors, and a cheek color plus you can mix, match, and blend making it super easy to pack your makeup bag for any upcoming trips. For every day makeup looks at home I’ll throw in my go to bronzer or blush outside the palette. But this has the prettiest shades to mix and match for a beautiful neutral beauty look. I docked it a .5 of a point because of what I said about mixing with other products. Its a 5/5 for traveling but a 4.5/5 for at home. I’m wearing this palette in the above pic/video. Blush, shadow and bronzer.



6/5 stars. Obsessed! If you don’t use a lash primer, you don’t know what you’re missing. And if you do use one but it’s not Lancôme, you still don’t know what you’re missing. 😂 I have tried multiple lash primers across different brands and nothing measures up to it. Using a primer first will help you get the most out of your favorite mascara – you can also use it as a conditioning treatment at night. Can’t recommend enough!


Nothing feels like more of a luxury than adding Chanel to your beauty routine. After reading some amazing reviews about this, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It’s an intensive, one month treatment that completely resurfaces your skin for the prettiest glow. You only use it for one month which I thought was super interesting! It specifically says on the bottle to wait months before using again. Loving results so far, but haven’t done my full month so I’ll share more after I hit the 1 month mark!



5/5 This one lives up to its name – it’s a primer/highlighter with smoothing airbrush technology for a soft blurring effect. You can use it right after your moisturizer as a primer, mixed with your foundation, or as a highlighter. I can never get enough of highlighter and love the effect of this one! Definitely a must-try if you haven’t yet!



4/5 Yes it works and you can see real results it you’re diligent about using it. For me personally, I’m not good about being consistent using it. I have friends who are really consistent and see great results, so this one really comes down to how dedicated you are. It has a heavy price tag, so if you can stick with it and incorporate it into your daily regimen, it’s worth every penny – but it can’t do the work without you. (also shown in this post.)

DIOR BLUSH -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5/5 I’m not wearing it in this video since I went with the coordinating blush, but this color is stunning for a rosy cheek, flushed beauty look (one of the best no-makeup beauty products!) Got this at Nordstrom last week and it’s already sold out. I love it – keeps flying off the shelves so I would add an alert and checkout as soon as you can land it in your cart!

Have you guys tried any of these cult-favorites? Let me know how you would rate them! Linking to a few more of my favorites below.

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Nordstrom.

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