Mom & Son Date Night Ideas

Picnics – such a great mom & son date night

As Beckam has gotten older, I’ve noticed that Cody always has a million cool ideas of things to do with Beckam. Riding motor bikes, soccer-bouncing contests, ninja obstacle courses – especially now that Beckam cit old enough to keep up with Cody. They share an interest in a lot of the same things so it’s easy for them to find things to do. (And it’s the same with me and Mara. We can always go get pedicures or go shopping.)

I love the relationship Cody and Beckam have so much but it’s also made me realize that with the boys, I have to put more effort into activities that don’t come second nature to me so I wanted to think of creative ways to spend time together and make new memories this year. So that’s the back story behind why I made this list of mom & son date night activities – I wanted to have a list of cool, fun ideas of things that we could do together so every time he says, “Mom, do you want to play with me?” I have a whole list of ideas to pull from instead of just wasting time trying to brainstorm ideas.

I shared the Q&A on Insta stories a week or so ago and there were so many great ideas so I put together a little graphic of bucket list activities for you guys to print out or just save to your phones for a quick and easy reference point. Hope this list is helpful! I made it specifically with mom & son time in mind but it really could work for girls too if you’re looking for more ideas!


If you guys have any more ideas, please add below in comments so we can keep adding to our mom & son date night ideas list!

XX, Christine



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  1. Susan Slaugenhaupt Plovic

    My boys have kids of their own now – But when they were younger we had a tent set up for them and they would play in it during the day but at night we would Have a special time of catching fire flies and letting them go and have little campfires with flashlights and spent time looking at the stars…. we would come in when it got really late but it was fun just being out in a tent in the backyard with them ! Fishing together is another fun thing to do with your boys or girls!

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