I really don’t think anything is much better than being a new mom, but let’s be honest it’s overwhelming and it feels like there is a million things you need and should know. I’m sure a lot of you are experienced Mom’s, but I was the clueless Mom to be. I spent hours reading reviews and trying to figure out which products to buy. So I wanted to put together a list of products I’ve loved so far for those of you who may be feeling/felt overwhelmed and clueless like me 🙂
1. Uppa Vista Stroller – I really love this stroller. We had tried a couple cheap ones when my step kids were little and I hated pushing it. I remember being hunched over trying to push them because the handle bars were so low, and it never turned corners easy. It was a nightmare. The Uppababy Vista is super easy to maneuver and it comes with a cute basinet. It is 100% worth the investment having something that is lightweight and easy to push around. We got the carseat that goes with it so I don’t have to pull B out of his seat to get him in the stroller, it just snaps in. 
2. Slip On Shoes – Skip shoes with laces the first couple months – you’re late to almost everything because it takes an extra 20 minutes to get your diaper bag together and load the baby. Laces are one less thing to manage if you have slip ons 🙂 These dolce vita shoes have been my favorite post baby. They are so easy to slip on and really comfortable.  I love the color too.
3.  Dr. Brown’s Bottles – So I actually just switched to these recently. Beckam was getting bad air bubbles and gas when he ate so my doctor recommended these bottles. They have a vent system that helps reduce colic and gas. Also if you don’t have gas drops make sure and get some. They are only a couple bucks at any grocery store, but those help a lot too.
4. Mamaroo – My best friend actually told me about this one and B loves it. He goes in it every morning after his morning feed and it just puts him right back to sleep. It’s like the modern swing. I got black because I assumed with babies it would get dirty but they have lots of cute colors and patterns here. The Mamaroo has nature sounds you can play or you can plug in your ipod and play your own music. They also have a little insert for newborns you will want to get. It just helps them fit in it better during the early stages.
5. Stuffed Animal Pacifier – Really I just think these are cute! Having the pacifier attached to a little animal makes it easier to find inside the diaper bag. They make great shower gifts too.
6. Dreft Laundry Detergent – Beckam has super sensitive skin (sadly one of the things he inherited from me) I tried a couple different brands but they made him break out in a rash. This one worked the best to get out spit up and stains but was still gentle enough on his skin.
7. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag – I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t scream diaper bag, but felt more like a purse. I loved the look of this one. It’s super light weight and spacious. There is plenty of compartments to store things and it comes with a little changing pad which is nice when your on the go. It’s also not too girly so Cody is happy with it when he’s on daddy duty 🙂 
8. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – You can not have enough of these. I had one pack before Beckam was born and bought 3 more after. I use these for everything from burp clothes to swaddle blankets. They are so soft and really lightweight so you don’t over heat your baby when they are wrapped.
** Extra: Control Top Underwear: These Yummy Tummy underwear were my favorite for holding in the bump to fit in my pants early in my pregnancy and great keeping the tummy tight after. I love these underwear because they just help form your body. Also these short ones are great for under dresses/skirts since you bend down a lot more with babies.

** RETURNING – You may notice a lot of these products are from Nordstrom. This is not a sponsored post this is just my honest opinion. I had a situation with a pair of pants last year I got and they ripped like eight months later. Being they were one of my favorite pairs, I took them in hoping they could fix them (assuming I would be paying for the alternations). Nope, Nordstrom had a brand new pair sent out, and they were $40 cheaper eight months later so they refunded me the difference. I was shocked. I didn’t want the $40, freak I felt guilty taking it since I had worn the pants a bunch they just ripped. My point being they truly value the customer. When trying baby products some you think you will love and end up hating. A lot of times you buy this stuff before the baby even comes. Once you’ve had the baby and actually try the stuff out you realize you don’t like it and your return time frame is over. I bought everything I could from Nordstrom so if I needed to exchange anything I could. You don’t have to have a receipt and there’s not a time frame you have to return it in. I’ve had couple things that didn’t work out and I’m so thankful for their easy exchange policy.

There are so many great products out there these are just the ones that have worked for us. One thing I am still trying to find is a good soap/shampoo. With Beckam’s sensitive skin we have tried like 5 different brands and they all irritate his skin. If you have any suggestions of one that have worked for you I would love to hear!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s and Grandma’s!

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  1. Love this selection – and I loved that I didn’t have to take out my newborn from carseat but just snapped it right into the stroller (I have BRITAX)
    Also, for shampoo Shea Moisture or Baby Ganics. MY som has sensitive skin and both of those are just fine on his skin… It’s hard being a new mom but so rewarding!

    Happy Medley

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the tips! I am for sure looking into those brands. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day as well! 🙂

  2. Great list! We also love our UppaBaby stroller! 🙂 For shampoo/soap, I highly recommend California Baby brand in the ‘sensitive’ there is no fragrance and no fragrance maskers at all as some fragrance-free soaps have. We’ve had good luck with this! The small bottle will last you forever. For lotions I use the SheaMoisture healing lotion in Frankincense and Myrrh as it is completely natural and you pick it up at Target. I’ve even used it on my baby girl’s face. I actually started using it myself first a couple years before having her, I love the scent (so that one is not unscented but they have an unscented version of their lotion for your little guy if you need it).

    1. I love Target! I just got the SheaMoisture and am loving it so far. The smell is really yummy 🙂

  3. Hi Christine! Try The honest company shampoo/body wash and lotion. These products worked like a miracle on my 4 month old boy after the first use. He had some baby eczema on his legs and the honest body wash cleared it up completely. Also he has extremely sensitive skin and these products keep his skin so soft,moistured and not irritated. I highly recommend them. You can find them at your local Nordstrom. Hope they work well for your cute baby 🙂

    1. Hi Petya I actually just ordered that one. I love Jessica Alba so I have been wanting to try her products. Thanks for the tip!

  4. All three of my kids have had pretty sensitive skin, and the Mustela brand works really well for them!

  5. You look just beautiful girl!!! Noodle and Boo are our favorites and are great for sensitive skin!!

    1. HI Caycee I actually just got that one last week so it is next on the list to try 🙂

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to comment to help with the suggestion! A couple people have mentioned Aveeno I need to try that! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  6. That’s so wonderful to hear that Nordstrom cares so much about their customers! They’re really a great business! Saving this list for ‘future’ planning!

  7. We like Aden + Anais baby wash and also the Yes to Carrots baby wash. They are both Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben free.

  8. Great collection of new born baby usable things but u have not mention the pricelist of all things.

  9. If you click on the pink text they are links to the items and it has the prices of each there 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. Have you tried the Honest Company baby wash/shampoo?? We love it!

  11. Have you tried the Honest company shampoo/body wash?? We love it!

  12. Something else that might save you some time, my son has really sensitive skin as well and so it was really hard to find a sun screen that didn’t make him break out. We tried at least 4-5 kinds and Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Lotion is the only one that didn’t make him break out. I love your blog, being a mom suites you so well!!

  13. earth mama angel baby is 100% organic & all natural !

  14. Great selection! I’m a new mom too and am also a huge lover of Nordstrom! I bought a baby jacket and the buttons were a bit askew.I didn’t have time to return it and found the box 6 months later! Not only did I get a full refund but they also let me purchase a replacement at a huge discount. LOVE Nordstrom!

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