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Ever since I saw the picture of Jessica Alba in the pink chiffon skirt I have been on the hunt for a similar piece. Inspired by all tones of pink, this pink pleated skirt is my favorite. I saw it and immediately had to have it.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love Jessica Alba’s ensemble in that picture. So Audrey H.


  2. Full pink skirts are so pretty! You should be crediting the original sources to the photos, though, and not Pinterest. 😉

    xo Kimi

    1. Hi Kimi they didn’t have sources I’m assuming they were just uploaded to Pinterest. If you know any of the direct sources I am happy to credit! 🙂 have a great weekend

    2. Oh, that’s annoying! I always look for the sources but you’re right, it can get really confusing if someone just uploaded the photo themselves or pinned it from some random site that doesn’t have the original source.

  3. super cute, very summery and girly!


  4. Asmaa

    Where can I get that third skirt ? I been looking for it forever and am in love with it!!! PLEASE if you know reply

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