Where has this year gone? I can’t believe Father’s Day is almost here. Why is it that boys would seem like the easiest people to buy for but really they aren’t? I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorites picks for the different types of Dad’s in your life.

Sporty Dad

Stylish Dad

Macy’s is offering an extra 25% off site wide (code: EXTRA) with guaranteed Father’s Day shipping. A deal for Dad never hurt right? 🙂 If your having a hard time picking something out, I think two basic gifts that work for almost every Dad is 1. A good pair of shoes and 2. A techy gift. 
For shoes, both my Dad and Cody have Sperry’s. They are a classic shoe that fits every style of man at every age group. They are great to wear for friend’s weddings, a date night, or even just a casual brunch with family.  This color is probably the most universal and would match the most. A simple techy gift are these charging phone cases. My Dad just got one, and my husband and I both had to borrow it on our California trip because our phone’s die so fast.  Both of these are safe buys if your having troubles figuring out what to get. 
I still have a couple things I need to get, but I just got these socks for my husband and I’m loving these woven belts to match his casual slacks or shorts. They are a great deal under $30. 
 My dad is always the hardest. He likes dress shirts with button down collars so I’m thinking maybe this crimson chambray shirt. Both my Dad and Cody love toys so I’ve been eyeing these so they can play them with kids. Have you started Father’s Day shopping? 

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  1. Such good tips – and I’m always looking for Father’s Day ideas! Xo, S

  2. What a great selection of items! I am thinking about a fitbit for my dad as well.
    That brief case is also a great idea!

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