There is nothing worse than having your makeup fade off during the day. With the crazy hot days of summer, traveling, and spending time in the pool and ocean, it’s hard to keep our makeup looking fresh all day long! Below are 7 easy tips to help your makeup stay on all day!

1. Primer: A primer is a no-brainer to get the most wear out or your makeup. It creates a really smooth base for your foundation so it doesn’t come off easily throughout the day. I switch back and forth between this Smashbox Photofinish Primer and the Smashbox Pore Primer. Both are great! Some days I just notice my pores a little more around my nose and want to smooth them out. The primer has such a velvety smooth finish that makes your foundation go on really smooth and last all day.

2. Face Oil: I just added a face oil to my beauty routine and I love the results! Add one drop of oil for every 3 drops of foundation and mix together before applying. It adds extra hydration so it blends flawlessly and looks really natural. You can also use an oil alone as a moisturizer to get that healthy glow. Obsessed with this rose one – it smells incredible!

3. 24 Hour Foundation: I am obsessed with this foundation. It really does last all day and gives the best, even coverage. Honestly I don’t wear foundation nearly as much in the summer but if I do, I know I can count on this Lancôme one to last all day! It’s my favorite! I wear shade 360 bisque regularly and, when I’m tan, add 420.

4. Setting Powder: Layering a setting powder over your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer helps it set and stay in place. I’m super picky with my powders because I hate that thick makeup look, but this one blends really well and is really light and translucent. Use your fluffiest brush to swirl, tap off excess powder, and apply to your cheeks, mid-forehead, nose, and chin.

5. Finishing Mist: For your last step, lightly apply a finishing spray to your final look. This one has options for every skin type – I love the ‘All Nighter‘. Not only does it keep your makeup in place, it keeps it from melting away which is the worst during the summer.

6. Waterproof Mascara: Is there anything worse than your mascara smudging underneath your eyes?! I’m really particular about my mascara and can’t stand when it starts to rub off under my eyes – nothing ruins a fresh face faster! I just got this waterproof one that stays put for 12 hours – a must for those long summer days or trips to the beach.

7. Go bare! ok so this is a cheating step a little, but embracing your natural skin saves you from stressing about your makeup! Use a little tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and embrace your beautiful skin.

What are some of your favorite hacks to make your makeup last all day? Below are more of my beauty favorites from Macy’s.

XX, Christine

* In collaboration with Macy’s and ShopStyle.

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  1. Elegant Duchess

    Great selection. I actually use smashbox primer and it’s unbelievable! I would
    Highly recommend it too. Laura mercier makeup is amazing ! I’ve been using this brand for years. Thank you for sharing such great products

  2. Barbara dg

    Great article! Which products do you use after the translucent powder thinking about bronzer and blush?

  3. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    Thanks for the awesome recs girl! I definitely need to start investing in my skincare more!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

  4. Stephanie dale

    I’ve been using all nighter for a while now and I love it!! My make up does not budge after I must it on. Also, I just recently purchased that same Lancôme foundation a few days ago, and I am loving it! It goes on smoothly, is not heavy and looks natural! Great picks!

  5. Kritsida

    You have amazing skin! Sooo lucky! I always love how French girls can go out with their natural beautiful skin!
    x. kritsida

  6. Seppy

    I swear by the Becca primer! And for setting powder…it has to be Hourglass, especially to set my concealer, it adds of light that brightens my eyes!! I don’t use setting spray although I’m wondering if I should start haha

  7. SOnya

    Lancome isn’t a product I gravitate towards but I’ll have to try that foundation! The L’oreal Pro Glow foundation is an amazing drugstore foundation that lasts all day for me!

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