Yesterday I was talking about tucking a dress into shorts or pants. This mint stripey top is actually a dress I folded in half and tucked into my shorts.

Dress-Top: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Frankie B
Shoes: Zappos – Converse
(Similar to $150 J. Crew style but only $49)
Watch: ALDO
Bracelets: ALDO

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  1. great color and fun idea for some versatility. Also I love that watch!!

    I am going to have to go home and experiment.

    1. I got it like a year ago at ALDO but when I was in there a couple weeks ago I saw a super similar one. It’s one watch with like 5 bands for $30! I love them

  2. Love Love LOVE this casual look – I’m so nervous about wearing Converse shoes – but you wear them so well!
    Bedazzles After Dark

    1. Oh my word sport the chucks! They really go with so much, or at least I tell myself they do 🙂

  3. you’ve got a 3 for 3 run with stripes this week! love it 🙂

  4. What a fabulous way to re-style that dress, and I’m amazed the folding didn’t make it bulky! Great color combo.

    1. Ya if you just tuck the end corner in your shorts or pants then fold the extra material over it works really well ( I don’t know if that makes sense) just keep the bottom corner of the shirt tucked in and it helps keep it from being bulky.

  5. Im excited to see this necklace for such an awesome price! I couldnt bring myself to pay the $150.


  6. That necklace is GORGEOUS. Been wanting one like it for a while!

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