If you follow me on IG (@christineandrew) you have seen my love for all things denim. Denim jackets, vests, colored denim, if it’s denim I probably like it. I have been so excited about denim vests for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a denim jacket for years so I needed something new to add to the denim craze hitting fashion right now.

I was beyond stoked when I found a denim vest at Urban. (I had been hunting for months!)

I kind of splurged because normally I wouldn’t spend $70 on something that isn’t a staple item, but it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I impulsively gave in!

A week later I was out thrifting and realized there was a rather large overload of denim jackets, well basically just an overload of denim (this is definitely one of those old trends cycling back around). Anyways, I found this cute Levi’s (same brand as Urban one) for $4! Uhmm that’s 95% of the price of the other one. It was a no brainer. Return the other one and transform this into a vest!

If you are new to the denim trend. I would say start here. Denim jackets are so cute! They match almost everything. (See them styled on my blog here & here)
So if you already own a denim jacket and want to switch things up a bit, go for a vest! They are super easy to make.
1. Cut off the sleeves about a quarter inch away from the seam so there is fabric to fray. Start pulling the cross stitches of the fabric so you start to see a fray. (Washing is another great way to amplify the fray) If you want a vest that will match a lot, Walah! Your done. I wanted a more statement piece so I took it a step farther
2. Find a fabric you like to add some contrast. (JoAnn is always a great place to buy fabric. Download there app on your phone for free coupons) I am in LOVE with floral and dots right now so this fabric was the best of both worlds. I wanted it to have that edgy yet organic feel so I only sewed the fabric on one side. Do whatever fits your style! I am still in debate of adding a patch to the back at well, but that’s one of the fun things about creating your own clothes is you can continuously change them!
I can’t wait to style this vest! Waiting for the perfect day to bust it out.
Bottom Line: Denim is in. Get yourself a jacket or vest. If you don’t like thrifting here are some affordable jackets under $40 here & here.

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  1. The denim vest totally takes me right back to elementary school … but I love it! Can’t believe you only paid $4! What a steal!


  2. I have had the same denim Old Navy jacket for years, so now I don’t feel as lame! ALSO, I tried your messy bun, AND I loved it! I never realized that everyone was getting the knots on top from flipping their head upside down. Which brand, price, store of dry shampoo did you recommend? I go to yoga 3x per week, and with the TX humidity, it is awful with my hair.

    Jeff and I are getting a goldendoodle on June 1st, and I have a blog all ready to go on First Year with Puppy. You will have to follow me!


    1. The dry shampoo I use is from Target, its called Umberto. I think its like $10 a bottle. I can’t remember mine has lasted forever. I can’t wait to see your new blog! Let me know when you start it up! Always great to hear from you. Cody and I are hoping to make it down there again sometime soon so we should double for dinner when we do. Would be great to catch up!

    2. Thank you for the info. YES! Exciting. Just let me know whenever. We live right in the Uptown area, so it is always fun.

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